Written by Karen J Gerrard- a leading beauty entrepreneur and the founder of SEAMS hand cream 

Karen J Gerrard

Karen J Gerrard

WE ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL - Even if we don’t always feel it!

Time – There’s never enough in a day! I cram in too much, run all over the place to get everything done, and beauty care gets forgotten! I’m too tired in the evening and in too much of a rush in the morning, no matter how early I get up, a glance at my watch and I’m running late, emotions get frayed. So an on-the-go beauty plan is a must.

Beauty isn’t just about how we look it’s about how we feel, how we behave, how we treat others.

Beauty starts the night before, throw some cleanser on as you go in the shower and never go to sleep without moisturizing, keep it next to your toothbrush and apply when you brush. In the morning a facial wash and a quick splash of cold water will wake up the skin and yourself! Then moisturise.

Less is more, heavy make-up can be aging, lighter looks are fresh and youthful. Buy doubles of 4 basic products keep one set at home and another in your handbag to use on-the-go. I always have a concealer to use all over, mascara that’s not too thick, eyeliner, and a light bronzing powder.

Helen Hand celebrity TV make-up artist says “If you want to wear make-up and haven’t much time use a tinted moisturizer with a cream blush that you can also use on your eyes and lips to brighten with a pop of colour, add one coat of mascara. Or have an eyelash tint, you can also apply a weekly self-tan to give the skin a color.

My Best Product Ever recommends the 10second tan by BPerfect.

It’s amazing how your hair can effect how you feel, but giving yourself a blow dry, or going to the hairdressers is a time consuming luxury.

Tamara Harrod Film Hair Designer working on American Gods says “What works pretty universally for most hair textures is start with a stimulating brush, and get the circulation flowing in the scalp and wake up the hair. Then a mineral spray such as bumble and bumble to refresh. After brushing and spritzing add life into your hair, use the blow dryer on a medium setting with your head upside down, finish with a serum to polish the ends and go!

Here’s some quick fix mood menders:

Music – Psychological studies have proven that listening to upbeat music boosts your mood, or play something that brings back good memories.

Smile – it will tell your brain that you are happy and will also help those around you as a smile is contagious.

Engage – Chatting and laughing with colleagues, will help clear your mind, and a kind word will help others- you never know what’s going on in their lives.

No matter how you feel walk into a room with your head held high, shoulders back, a smile on your face and if all else fails- wear a great colour lipstick! Enjoy life.

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