We’ve seen a lot happen in 2017, but there was a whole host of beauty trends that caught our attention. From bright and bold to clean and clear, we’re bringing you some of our favourite beauty looks from this year.

Smudged eyes

Smudged eyes

Smudged Yet Stylish 

Smudged and smoky eyes have been around for years and is a classic style that will never go out of fashion. Yet this year, it was about under-eye liner. Instead of being smudged over the top of the eye and the eyelid, this year it was about smudging the eyeliner under the eye to create a just-out-of-bed look.

The look is harder to achieve than one might think, especially trying to get both eyes smudged evenly. Unfortunately it’s not as easy as climbing out of bed with last night’s makeup on.

The new smudged trend that came about in Spring 2017 was smudged lipstick. While 2016 was all about perfectly-lined lipstick, 2017 saw lipstick being less than perfect, and smudged around the edges of the lips for an uneven finish.

Clean and Clear 

Natural-looking makeup is a trend that seems to return every now and again. It made a comeback in Summer ‘17. The focus was on natural, tinted moisturisers as a lighter replacement for foundation. Brown mascara was used on the eyes and brow powder was lightly applied to shape and fill them.

If you’re brave enough, go out with nothing on your skin at all apart from a light lip colour. Make sure your skincare routine is maintained to give you glowing, moisturised skin that you can be proud to show off.

Party Season 

Christmas is always a time to dress up and bring the sparkle. Daring dark lipstick is a fabulous option that easily takes you from daytime to evening, office to party.

You could try out some Ellisons products as used by local hair and beauty salons. Nip into your local salon and treat yourself to a manicure or maybe even have your makeup done for that work Christmas party.

Your nails need taking care of too, particularly over the party season. Bold nails will make a statement, so treat yourself to some shellac or gel nails that will stay in place all party season. We’ve seen checkerboard nails, crystal-studded nails and even pressed flower designs throughout the year.

This year has seen a mixture of trends suitable for everyone no matter what their taste and style. We’re excited to see what 2018 has in store! 

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