Claudia Winkleman is married- yes- but she has found room in her life for another love- shampoo- and she can't keep it to herself, so we caught up with her to let her gush about her new obsession! 

Claudia Winkleman

Claudia Winkleman

You have just become the new ambassador for Head and Shoulders- so why did you want to represent this particular brand?

Head and Shoulders called and I thought they might have the wrong number. They were very sweet though and sent products. I used them and will now never use anything else… my hair has never been this soft or this shiny. It’s like a magical formula that’s been made by unicorns. Seriously, I just kept using it and staring at my hair. It felt the right product so I just skipped about and said yes.

What is better about this new range compared to the old one?

It’s nourishing, it smells of lavender and it makes my hair super shiny. It’s so delicious! It’s literally like a present to yourself. I’m not just saying this but if you use it, and you don’t love it, you need to call me. Head & Shoulders have my number.

You are known for your super glossy locks so were you worried about changing from your usual products when they made your hair so shiny already?

I was amazed when Head and Shoulders called me, because I don’t use a brief case. So I was confused and said ‘what are you talking about? I’m not sure this product is for me.’ They very sweetly said ‘look we’re going to send you some’, and I’ve used it and I will never use anything else again, because my hair is shinier. I don’t understand how this is possible, but it feels shiner and glossier, and more healthy. Can I use the word scalp without making you vomit? My scalp is healthy.

You say your ‘hair is in charge’ so what do you mean by that?

My hair run’s my life. Well seemingly I think I’ve got all my work because of my fringe, so I’m very grateful to it.

Why did you think Head and Shoulders was a medicated product rather than a beauty product?

I just had it in my head that Head and Shoulders wasn’t beauty, it was a medicated product – a brilliant product but it just wasn’t beauty. Also my stepdad has always used it, he’s an adorable man called Nick, hello Nick, and that’s why I thought it wasn’t beauty.  Head and Shoulders came to me and asked if I’d like to use their product and I said that’s very nice of you but my name’s not Malcom and I don’t work in accounts. They sent it round and I was flabbergasted because after using it I was completely obsessed, so I kept on phoning them and said please can I be an ambassador which was quite embarrassing because for quite a long time they said no, and I said but my hair has never been so shiny. The main question I get asked is what hair products do I use and I’ve been using them for months now and I’m really excited that I can say Head and Shoulders.

What is your routine after washing and conditioning? Do you have any styling secrets?

Nothing! I put it in a towel and I get into bed. I don’t put heat on it really. Not because I’m precious about putting heat on my hair, but mainly because I can’t be bothered.

How often do you pay a visit to the hairdresser and do you have anyone special to thank for your beautiful cut?

I can’t work it out. There will be months when I don’t, then I panic and I go. I went last week and I’ll probably go again in about three or four months.

Your whole family now uses Head and Shoulders so did they take to it as quickly as you did?

They absolutely love it! I gave it to my mum, I gave it to my dad, I gave it to my kids, I gave it to my husband and even when they fire me next week, we will all still use it forever. You know why? Because of the consistency, there’s nothing like it. It’s like the first time you’ve ever had a cappuccino, or a latte or something with that froth, you go ‘what do you mean I just had milk!?’ That’s how I feel about Head and Shoulders. The consistency is just too thrilling, it really cleans your hair.

What is next for you?

Hopefully an enormous nap.

Head & Shoulders 3Action Formula Nourishing Care shampoo, from £2.99

Notes: Product is available nationwide from all major retailers from July 2017.  Recommended retail price* for 250/225/200ml is from £2.99 and for 500/450/400ml is from £4.99. *Final on shelf pricing is at the sole discretion of the retailer.

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