Danielle Collins is the World’s Leading Face Yoga Expert and has created a unique and brand new fitness workout for the face. Popular with celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow, the exercises help to strengthen all 57 muscles in the face. Danielle reveals how such exercises help celebrities to maintain their youthful looks.  

Face Yoga in action

Face Yoga in action

Face Yoga keeps the face firm 

Just as our body needs regular exercise to stay toned and firm, celebrities know that the 57 muscles in the face and neck also need to be exercised. As they become stronger through Face Yoga exercises, like those in the Face Fit workout I’ve created with Groupon, they are lifted and firmed and the skin attached to the muscles is also lifted and tautened, therefore reducing lines and wrinkles. As the muscles are much smaller than those in the body, it takes a lot less time for them to increase in strength and tone. To see what the Face Fit workout looks like, see the video below.

Face Yoga plumps and firms the face

By regularly massaging the face using Face Yoga, celebrities benefit from an increase in circulation, lymph flow and the removal of toxins. This reduces poor skin tone, puffiness and dark circles and allows the skin to look healthier and more youthful. The massage techniques also increase the amount of collagen and elastin in your face, the natural plumping agents which will mean a firmer and healthier complexion. 

Face Yoga brightens the skin

Face Yoga works the hypodermis or the lower layer of the skin (the muscles and fatty tissue), the dermis or the middle layer (the connective tissue) and the epidermis or the upper layer (the cells). By working all these layers correctly,  blood circulation is increased, allowing more oxygen and more nourishment to reach the cells of the skin (upper layer). The result is a clear, healthy complexion with a beautiful glow which has fewer toxins and has a better ability to absorb moisture, all results that celebrities love to help maintain a beautiful, youthful appearance. 

Face Yoga helps prevent tension lines

Celebrities love how Face Yoga helps them become more mindful of their faces. By learning to relax tension in the face, this helps to reduce and prevent the deep set lines and wrinkles caused by stress, squinting or grimacing. The Face Fit workout I created with Groupon shows you how to relax the face correctly giving it a more open, youthful look. 

Face Yoga helps reduce stress in the mind  

Busy celebrities know that taking time to meditate and relax is essential for maintaining their looks and overall health. Taking a little time every day to do Face Yoga works wonders for their overall wellbeing and stress levels. This time to relax, time to do something just for themselves, and knowing they will look and feel better as a result means they can enjoy feeling calmer and happier every time they do Face Yoga. The Face Fit workout is designed to be done anytime, anywhere so you can feel this sense of calm whenever you need it. It’s like having a secret weapon to combat stress and tiredness.

Face Yoga gives instant results

Recent research from Groupon has revealed how women spend on average £70,294 in their lifetimes on their appearance – so, how about we find a much cheaper, quicker way? One of the reasons Face Yoga is so popular with celebs is that they see and feel some difference straight away which is perfect ahead of a big event. When you do the Face Fit workout, your muscles will feel like they've had a good workout (just like with body exercise), you will see and feel less tension in the face and you will have a rosy glow. 

Face Yoga gives long term results

As a general rule, celebs start to see a long-term improvement in their face and neck after one week. After 2-4 months, they will notice they have fewer fine lines and less tension and people will notice they look healthier and more energised. Within six months, some celeb face yoga enthusiasts have reported that they look and feel many years younger and feel more relaxed within themselves. Everyone’s face is different, but those who are committed to it know that if they keep Face Yoga up regularly, they will see results. 

Face Yoga gives a naturally lifted look

Face Yoga is a natural, non-invasive alternative to surgery and botox. Some celebs use it instead of these treatments and others use it alongside botox or fillers. The Face Fit workout will give you a fresh, young, relaxed and beautiful appearance which is more natural than surgery and is safer than having operations or using chemicals. It is a way of having control over their face as the techniques can be done anywhere and everywhere. Practicing Face Yoga also gives you a sense of calm in the mind and energy in the body so the benefits go deeper than just the external appearance. 

Even celebs that have gone under the knife can reduce the need for further cosmetic surgery if they have already had a facelift. It strengthens the underlying muscles which means they won’t lose tone and the skin will maintain its tight appearance.

Face Yoga teaches correct breathing

The breathing aspects of Face Yoga are popular amongst celebs. Correct deep breathing can help to lower the stress levels, boost the immune system and calm the central nervous system. The Face Fit workout also leads you through how to breathe in this way for a calm, content and relaxed feeling.

Face Yoga prevents lines and wrinkles 

Many celebs also depend on Face Yoga as prevention as well as cure. By doing regular massage, exercise and relaxation of the face, you can help to maintain your looks and look youthful for longer.

See the full workout guide here: www.gr.pn/facefit 

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