It may be a bit early to be thinking about summer as Christmas has not even passed yet, however with the sudden drop in temperatures and the sign of more rain to come I am dreaming of the sun. It doesn’t hurt to be extra prepared for the summer months and who doesn't want a sneak peak at the trends that will be taking over next year. You will have at least one of these trends in your wardrobe already, so get these onto your christmas list so you are well prepared for next year's hot girl summer! 

Photo credit: Unsplash

Photo credit: Unsplash


This trend seems to have taken over both summer and winter, from leather leggings, leather jackets and even leather tops it is a trend that will continue all the way into 2022. There was an increase in brown toned leather and cream toned leather not just the standard black leather, this was an easy way to create a chic look by adding neutral tones in the form of leather to your outfit. However don’t limit yourself to tight fitted leather trousers and tops as we’ve seen this year there is more of an influx in oversized fitting garments and this will be seen throughout the Spring of 2022. You can also double up on leather, opt for a pair of loose fitting leather trousers, an oversized graphic t-shirt and an oversized leather shirt for the ultimate rock, chic look perfect for spring. If the tight fitted look is more your style then you can take a pair of cream leather leggings, a neutral top and a neutral blazer for a classy look fit for any season. 

Colour Pop

2021 has seen the popularity of neutral colours increase, beige, brown, cream and white have been the stars of this year. However it is time for them to move over and make way for some colour, what better time for this than in Spring/Summer? There is no limit on the colour combinations either, take yellows, blues, greens, pinks, any colour you can think of and throw them together. This season more is more and the bolder the better, there has been too much neutral seen in 2021 let's make 2022 the year of colour! I would recommend combining colours such as pink and orange, green and pink, orange and fuschia, blue and green. Don’t be afraid to combine colours to see which fits your style, get ready to push the boat out.

Drama from the back

Billy Ray Cyrus once said ‘business in the front, party in the back’ one great motto that you need to incorporate into your fashion, whether that is with a grand ball gown or a classic jumper there is always room for a little extra party in the back. One style I have seen recently is blazers with a corset style lace at the back that turns a seemingly formal jacket into something you can wear for a night out, it is the true day to night accessory. Another way to add drama at the back is to have an open back, this can be  a scoop style or it can be a tied top which can have thick or thin straps. It just depends on how dramatic an entrance (or exit) you want to make. 

White and Bright 

So it seems neutrals have got the chop next year however there seems to be some room for one or two white outfits. Clean and crisp white outfits are the only neutrals allowed next year pairing white trousers with the matching blazer, or white dresses matched with white accessories have been seen across the runway and will be a must have next year. The beauty with monochrome outfits is you can add a pop of colour to them to make a statement and colour as we know is going to be big next year the more the better. 

Sparkle and Shine

As we move into the festive season sparkle is a must and the more sparkle the better luckily enough this trend is going to be seen all the way into the Spring so get stocking up on anything glittery. This can be done in so many ways don't just opt for the obvious sparkly dress, go for chains, sequins, diamontes, crystals and heavily embellished styles. The bolder the better, you can apply this to your jewellery too don't just keep it simple, 2022 is all about the loud styles so be more daring!