It doesn’t matter whether you’re a black jack maestro or the unluckiest gambler in the world, a visit to the casino always makes for a fun alternative to the regular girls’ night out. And whether you venture to a big and dazzling casino resort, or like to keep things casual at the local gamblers’ clubhouse - getting dressed up tends to be half the fun. Why not turn to some classic casino starlets for inspiration? Here are five looks perfect for the casino, based on outfits we’ve seen flaunted at the game tables by some true icons.

Getting dressed up tends to be half the fun.

Getting dressed up tends to be half the fun.


There’s a reason that ‘little black dress’ is so timeless; there’s something to be said for the understated glamour of something so minimal and classic. Audrey Hepburn epitomizes the spirit of ‘the little black dress’ in the much-adored ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. This look is perfect for the woman just as content sitting at the casino bar sipping on Prosecco as she is seated at the slot machines. Jewelry should be simple - stick with golds or silvers, or opt for pearls. Black gloves are not mandatory but will definitely complete the look, meanwhile a simple pair of dark heels will complement the overall subtlety of your outfit. If you’re looking to create the Hepburn beehive updo, check out this hair tutorial from Leaf.TV. Oh, and don’t forget your jet black shades!


Sharon Stone blew us away in Martin Scorsese's epic ‘Casino’ - all the while dressed in some unforgettably awesome outfits. Stone plays Ginger (hailed as one of the actress’ best characters, and a performance for which she won an Golden Globe) who sports a distinctive ‘Vegas showgirl’ vibe. Her outfits throughout the film include lots of glitter, colour and faux fur. To emulate this look, wear something in the spirit of early 70s glam, with sparkles or colourful patterns, and pair this with big earrings and tall heels. A hair band will give your outfit the true retro look.


Who can forget Eva Green’s beautiful dresses in ‘Casino Royale’? Her character, Vesper Lynd, had Bond hooked from first sight, and you can recreate her with a long, backless and V-neck dress in dark green or dark purple. Go for an elegant updo or just simple curls, and complete the look with smoky eye makeup and sparkling earrings. Though the 2006 movie is set in modern day, Green’s style reflects the sophisticated and vintage look of 1950s women, as it was in this time period Ian Fleming wrote the ‘Casino Royale’ Bond novel. Fun fact: it is believed that Fleming based the character of Vesper Lynd on real life British spy Krystyna Skarbek.


When Jennifer Tilly isn’t acting (most famously in the ‘Chucky’ movies) she’s turning heads at casinos. The gorgeous actress happens to be a talented poker player, having amassed almost $1 million in live tournament earnings. Her look? Though Tilly is always a stunner, we see her dress down at the poker tables into something classy but comfortable. A loose-fitting dress or simple blouse is appropriate for longer games, but don’t be afraid to dazzle your opponents with a bit of jewelry. Liv Boeree and Maria Ho are also perfect examples of the casual and classy look; both successful poker players that manage to exude incredible style while dominating at the card tables.


Or, instead of getting dolled up and travelling miles to the nearest casino, you could get comfortable in bed and log onto an online casino site. If you enjoy playing slots, UK online casino offers great games and bonuses. The essential look here is ‘whatever you feel most comfortable in’ but we recommend a pair of your favourite jimjams, a face mask and pair of fluffy slippers. Of course, in this setting you’ll be exchanging margaritas for home-made gin and tonics, and the buzzing noise of live slot machines for a playlist of your choice. In other words, if you’re not quite in the mood for a night of glamorous outfits and socializing - an online casino is a safer bet.

You may not win a penny, but you can still feel like a million bucks at the casino when you sport an iconic outfit that accentuates the spirit of glamorous game halls. And when your most dazzling dress is at the dry cleaners, try your luck at a place where there’s absolutely no dress code at all; your very own home!