It starts with a touch - from the minute we are born, we start to feel. Touch is the only sense that you can’t switch off. There are more sensory nerves in our hands than in any other part of our body, which is why a paper cut or pinprick will hurt so much. From washing our hands to handling material we loose moisture. Basically our hands are the most hardworking part of our bodies, they take a bashing in everything we do, so it’s no wonder that they are the true indicators of our age!

Karen J. Gerrard founder of SEAMS

Karen J. Gerrard founder of SEAMS

Read my 10 tips on how to slow down the ageing process and keep your hands looking younger and feeling comfortable. 

MOISTURISE - Rough, dry, cracked hands feel sore, left untreated the outer layer of skin that holds the moisture will become damaged and unable to rejuvenate itself, wrinkles become more prominent eventually leading to saggy skin. MOISTURISE to mend, nourish, soften, protect skin and enhance your sense of touch.

EXFOLIATE - Dry flaky skin feels uncomfortable and can catch onto clothes. Exfoliate once a week to take away dead skin cells you can use a home remedy of sugar or salt - MOISTURISE to keep skin smooth.

PROTECT – The skin on our hands is thinner than any other part of our body. As we age our skin looses collagen and elastin then becomes fragile and is easily damaged. Wear gloves when you are washing up, water and detergents dry out the skin, when you go out into the cold to protect from the elements, and when at the gym to stop callouses – Then MIOSTURISE to prolong protection.

LOOK AFTER YOUR NAILS - Dry nails split and become weak, and as we age ridges start to appear.  Use a gentle buffer once a week to smooth out and reduce the appearance of fingernail ridges – MOISTURISE to strengthen nails.

CONDITION CUTICLES - Split cuticles are sore, and once the skin is broken they let in water, which causes skin to crack further and damage the new nail underneath. Soak fingertips in warm water then gently push back the cuticles with a soft pusher or orange stick. Then massage with cream to seal in moisture.

PREVENT AGE SPOTS. - Exposure to the sun increases the amounts of pigment called Melanin, which over time causes sun spots to appear. Wear a sunscreen, whilst on the beach reapply to your hands as often as you can, as everything you touch will soak off the SPF – Then MOISTURISE in the evening.

MASSAGE - We hold most of our stress in our hands, slow blood circulation causes muscles to stiffen and skin to sag. A quick massage with hand cream will improve circulation, finger motions, relive tension and plum up skin.

STRETCH - Some of us can spend up to 8 hours a day on digital devices and smart phones, the heat from these dries out our fingertips, repetitive movements can cause fingers and wrists to ache and in extreme cases numbness – there is a thing called smart phone injury!

Do 3 simple stretches to loosen stiff fingers and wrists see our 3 step stretch ( - MOISTURISE to keep skin supple.

DRINK WATER – Our hands dry out when we are dehydrated, dry skin causes wrinkles to appear. Pinch the skin on the back of your hand if it goes back slowly then you are dehydrated. Drink plenty of water to restore the elasticity in your skin, and MOISTURISE to hydrate from the outside.

PREVENTION - Our hands start to age when we reach twenty, but its not until a woman is in her 40’s that she really starts to notice sun spots and wrinkles. Looking after your hands from an early age will slow down the ageing process.

MOISTURISE, morning, noon  & night.  It’s never too soon or too late to start looking after your hands.

Karen J.

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