Louise Redknapp has teamed up with Ariel to help the brand redefine clean. We caught up with to Louise discuss the importance of maintaining the quality of key new wardrobe pieces and her new fashion blog.

Louise Redknapp

Louise Redknapp

You have just become the ambassador for Ariel, so what made you want to represent this brand?

I think my involvement came in for a couple of reasons. Obviously, I’m a mum so I’m aware of how difficult it is to keep clothes nice and clean for my kids. One of the main reasons I felt I could get involved in this was because Ariel have done a cool experiment where they’ve worked alongside Giles Deacon. They have come up with a new capsule range. Customers could go into the store and buy clothes they thought looked as good as new. They then found out they they had been heavily stained and it was the 3 in 1 pods that had got the clothes coming up as good as new.

Working on a fashion blog- I’m constantly trying to encourage woman to buy certain things. We’re taking about fashion all the time and I know how important it is as woman that we feel and look out best. Also when we buy clothes we want them to look as new as possible for as long as possible. When Ariel did this social experiment and I could see that the pods were keeping the clothes as good as new, I actually felt that was something that would impress all of our readers on the blog. Especially those who are splashing out and spending lots of money on clothes. It’s that ‘price per wear’ thing- you want to wear your clothes as much possible with them looking as good as possible for as long as possible.

As a wife and mum, is laundry a big annoyance in your life?

Obviously, it’s something that has to be done, so for me its finding the easiest way possible. I’ve actually used Ariel pods for a number of years now so it was a brand that I was very familiar with. Along with that and the fashion involvement as well as working with Giles Deacon, it was a perfect collaboration.

You have done so much throughout your career- music, presenting, fashion, business, dance- so do any of these hold a special place in your heart and why?

I think music and dance is probably where my passion is. I went to stage school; I always wanted to be a singer or dancer in some capacity. Going to a performing arts school, you just hope that you get the opportunity to be on stage. I was lucky enough to be in a pop band that gave me a really long and amazing career in the pop industry.

As you’ve already mentioned, you’ve started your own style blog so when and why did your passion for fashion begin?

When you’re working in this industry, I think you’re very aware of fashion and it has an importance within the role we play whether that’s on TV or within music.

It really started with me and my friend. We would always share tips with one another and give each other ideas on how to wear things, photograph things and help each other out. A bigger group of our network of friends said- ‘you girls are so knowledgeable and you give us so many great ideas, we really think you should put it on a bigger group so we could all see it’. We did that and from there we made into a bit more of an open blog. It just managed to take off and does really well. Now, it’s getting bigger by the day and it’s not really like a job because I get to hang out with one of my best mates and talk about clothes all day so it’s not really a hardship!

Has your style changed since becoming a mum?

I don’t think my style has changed because of being a mum, I think your style changes because-a- fashion changes and b- you move on. You find, as you get a bit older- you discover a uniform that works for you- your daily life and what fits in with your world. I would say it’s changed from the Eternal days but I don’t think it’s based on being a mum, I think it’s just the way your life takes you.

The right outfit can put a spring in your step so what outfit does that for you?

It depends on what day but, I always know if I wear a pair of heels I feel like I’m in business a bit more. I’m a bit of a trainer girl so if I ever put on a pair of heels- I’m like ‘Ok I’m having a serious day today- I mean business’!

Why do you think outfits have such power to change our mood?

I’m sure there are going to be some women out there who don’t feel better when they put on a new outfit, but most of my friends do. I think it’s just about how we feel. We are so surrounded by fashion, women and images so I think you just feel more confident in yourself if you think you look good.

That’s why I think fashion and beauty are such successful industries because they really can alter our moods and make us feel better about ourselves.

Whether that’s because you’ve bought something new or you’ve got a favourite piece in the wardrobe that you love.

I think working with Ariel- the important point was that they have come up with a pod that really does keep your clothes looking fresh and new. I know for me if I’ve got my cute, little white vest shirt on and it’s not grey- I feel a better than if I’m slightly embarrassed because I think I need a new one.

You are one of those lucky ladies who just seems to get more beautiful the older you get- so can you reveal a little about your diet and exercise regime?

Well, first of all- thank you- I don’t really feel it today but thank you! I have good and bad days like us all.

As for beauty and diet, I tend to kind of do everything pretty normally, I don’t really cut out any food groups, I just do normal stuff- I don’t focus too much on diet. I try to be healthy but at the same time, I’m not obsessive about it. I enjoy chips and a cocktail, or a bar of chocolate some days and on other days I might be eat healthier.

When it comes to beauty, I think there is a lot to be said about being happy and I think that can change the way someone looks and feels. I think mood and mind is everything more than the way someone looks. If you’re lucky enough to be doing something you love and it makes you happy, it kind of radiates in your face.

Do you feel more confident now than you have in the past?

I think so, just getting out there and doing something for myself and having a passion for something has definitely made me feel more confident about a career in something maybe two years ago I didn’t think was possible. Absolutely!

What is next for you?

Oh, who knows? But, I would love to carry on singing and dancing and doing things that I love and trying to keep the momentum there. It would be fab to go and do some West End and obviously, I’m a mum so that will keep me busy enough!

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