There is a belief that only professional can do beautiful makeups and it is not something very easy to achieve. At this modern time, the situation has changed, and the makeup has become relatively easier. There is one more thing that has to be understood that makeup is not always confined to the women. Men can equally do that to look better and dashing. But how that can be done without the professionals? Here are the 7 Amazing Makeup tricks for a complete makeover.

Which one will you try?

Which one will you try?

Skin Brighteners

Skin brighteners are considered one of the best ways to enhance the glow of the skin. Even though people do it for the special occasions, but one must not hesitate to use it for brighter tone and complex. This can make your skin glowing and attractive. In the end, the makeup is put to ensure that the skin is brightening enough and is catching the eyes of all. The top skin brighteners can come in various forms like Peel Off, Mask, Oil, Serum, Cream, and others. There are natural skin brighteners and herbal products as well available in the market. The various ranges provide ample options to select from and look stunning.

Big Shot Mascara

Eye Makeup is considered as the most important one when the overall makeup is spoken about. Mascara is a part of the Eye Dressing, and it can provide a captivating look to the eyes. The big shot or big frame mascara can change the entire eye dressing and make your eyes attractive. The eyelashes should look stunning with the mascara. Hold a Business Card just behind the eyelashes to get better coverage from the root for the mascara.

Eye Cream and Smoother

This is imperative because the last thing that anyone would want is the bags under eyes. This is very frequent among the young generation and is often called as the Dark Circles as well. Even though it is mostly caused by the lack of sleep or late night outings, it may require some treatments as well. However, makeup can do wonders, and it can conceal the dark circles or the bags as well. The eye cream that has the property of the Anti-Inflammation is used for smoothing the area so that it does not appear prominently. There is concealer as well that can entirely hide the bags.

Eye Highlights

The highlights above the eye can be very useful makeup for women. It is one of the most clever tricks to make your captivating and charming eye more visible. It apparently comes out as an effective way to make your eye look bigger, brighter and better. Try to use the Pencil for the Eye Shadows or Eye highlights and draw the border line. Once completed slowly diminish the boundary line with the gentle touch of your finger. That makes the entire process smooth, and the eye appears bigger.

Effective Lipstick Method

You may use costly lipstick of your choice, but it does not always reflect the same brightness that you want. This is simply because of the lips not for the lipstick you are using. To get an effective lipstick makeup, the lips should be exfoliated very gently. The easiest way to do it is to brush the lips with a baby brush. However, the exfoliation should be very gentle. This would help the lipstick to glow on your mouth.

Blemishing Spots

The spots are very common for faces, and that is why it becomes vital to cover those as well. The concealer can be very well used to cover those up, but is that very effective? Not every time of course. To get the best results, the big tube brushes should not be used. The eye brushes are considered best for this job, and the concealer can be slowly applied on the spots. The edges can be then removed by the finger if required. This yields a much better result.


The last but never the least is to use the products that are suitable for the skin. Many believe that using a makeup after the expiry date is quite acceptable. But in reality, that is not only dangerous for the skin but can also a huge embarrassment for you. The expired makeup may not have the same hold as it used to have earlier or it may smudge or can get disrupted.

Were you missing all these tricks? Now get ready for the party time look every day and make the best of the makeups and look stunning. 


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