Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could identify where someone is from in the UK by just their clothes? Well now you can according to online personalised styling service Stitch Fix

Image courtesy of Stitch Fix

Image courtesy of Stitch Fix

As it turns out, people from different parts of the country have very unique styles and their clothes are a clear indication of where they reside. 

Stitch Fix has used sophisticated algorithms in an interactive experience called, “Style Shuffle”. This has identified regional British clothing preferences and favourites, which is an invaluable piece of information when you are tasked with styling people from scratch. 

YouGov research found that almost half of Brits say what they wear is influenced by where they live. 

It would seem that people are already confident about attaching a place to a person based solely on what they put on their body. 

In fact, a third of young people aged 18-24 are confident they could pinpoint where someone is from based solely on their wardrobe choices.   

Rich Simmons, Lead Stylist at Stitch Fix UK said: “How we dress is a statement about who we are as people, and it’s fascinating to see that our style is influenced not just by celebrities and social media, but by those living in close proximity.  

“We’re seeing micro cultures of fashion emerging in ways that haven’t previously been identified. As a company fuelled by style and data, it’s incredibly interesting for us to see these county-specific nuances come to light.”   

So what are the influences involved in these clothing choices? Unsurprisingly, reality TV shows like Made In Chelsea, The Only Way Is Essex and Geordie Shore have an impact on the clothes that are seen on people in public places.   

Young people appear to be the most affected by location, with 25% of 18-24 year olds admitting they change their style based on where they’re heading to. 

And first impressions really do count as the research found that 40% of us judge someone based solely on the clothes they wear. 

Furthermore, someone’s fashion sense can affect whether they receive a left or a right swipe. 

Simon Leesley, Managing Director of Stitch Fix in the UK, said: “This is the first time we’ve used Style Shuffle to better understand regional trends and we saw some very distinct style preferences. The combination of data and humans is so essential at Stitch Fix. A customer might not know how influenced they are by their location, but our data helps our stylists deeply understand not just what our customers want, but what they might love to discover.”   



HIM: Slim black jeans, black button-down shirt, black trainers 

HER: Black skinny jeans, black leather jacket, black sling-backs  


HIM: Beige chinos, tartan shirt, suede ankle boots 

HER: Loose-fitting pastel dresses, Birkenstocks 


HIM: Chinos, branded polo shirt, tweed blazer, brown dress shoes 

HER: Bold red and animal prints

London outskirts 

HIM: Green chinos, white t-shirt, blue button down, black backpack and white trainers 


HIM: Light-blue jeans, grey polo shirt, grey hoodie, cameo jacket, black trainers 

HER: Distressed blue jeans, animal print dress, black heeled boots 


HIM: Grey chinos, paisley shirt or salmon polo, smart suede trainers 

HER: Relaxed midi skirt, pastel chunky cardigan, brown brogues 


HIM: Pale pink chino shorts, light blue button-down shirt, light grey trainers 

HER: Black skinny jeans, patterned blouse, smart handbag 

Tyne & Wear 

HIM: Grey tracksuit bottoms, blue T-shirt, blue hoodie, trainers 

HER: Patterned leggings, sports bra, pastel jumper, chunky white trainers 

West Yorkshire 

HIM: Dark blue jeans, dark tartan shirt, green trainers 

HER: Light-wash jeans, black and white spotted blouse, leather biker jacket, heeled sandals 

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