Having brilliant white teeth was once a very expensive, cosmetic way to show privilege and self-care. But with the huge range of charcoal products, whitening pens and gel products at an affordable price now available on the high-street, it’s easier than ever to achieve crystal clean canines.

Simon Cowell's teeth have the X-Factor

Simon Cowell's teeth have the X-Factor

There are some celebrities, though, that have always been well-known for having perfect pearly whites. Here are six of them...

Roberto Firmino

When you type in Roberto Firmino on Google, the first suggestion that comes up is ‘teeth’. That’s why he’s made it to the top of this list.

The Brazilian professional footballer with extraordinary white teeth often visits a dentist at the top of his game - the same dentist that also keeps the teeth of his teammates and boss, Jurgen Klopp, impeccable.

The aesthetically-driven cosmetic tooth doctor, Robbie Hughes, told the Liverpool Echo: “We aim to achieve everyone’s smile needs - this can be more than just a smile makeover.”

Blake Lively

It’s an unwritten rule that to pull of the reddest of red lippy, you have to have the whitest of white teeth.

Blake Lively clearly knows this, going to great lengths to always sport an stand-out mouth.

Even back when she played Serena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip girl - her smile was always shining.

Simon Cowell

Speculation over Simon Cowell’s teeth has long been a hot topic when talking about the music mogul - that and his classic dressed-down jeans and t-shirt combo look.

And whereas the majority of us naturally see a decline in the state of our dental hygiene as we reach older age, Simon’s just seem to get whiter and more prominent each year.

X-Factor viewers are often stunned whenever the head judge returns to our screens due to his blinding white teeth, leaving many of us wondering just exactly what his dental routine is.

Donny Osmond

He may have a love for puppies, but we think Donny Osmond’s true love lies with dental hygiene.

The Utah singer has famously white teeth, and he told the Mail Online that maintaining his good looks in older age is all thanks to leading a healthy lifestyle in his younger years.

He said: “I’m in the gym all the time. And I’m careful what I eat. People used to make fun of the fact I didn’t smoke or drink, but I’m pretty grateful now at nearly 55 that I didn’t do any of that stuff.”

Ross Geller

You don’t have to be a massive Friends fan to know about that episode when Ross whitens his teeth.

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It’s probably one of the first things most people remember the fictional paleontologist for - along with the spray tan and the horrendous keyboard-playing scene.

Although he didn’t stick with his dental routine throughout the rest of the series’, The One With Ross’ Teeth has gone down in history with all tooth-usiasts.

Rylan Clark-Neal

One person who could certainly give Roberto Firmino a run for his money is TV and radio personality, Rylan.

Just check out those gleaming white teeth.

Rylan’s smile really could light up a room - and whilst we’re here - 10/10 for that tan!

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