Karen Betts performs an eyebrow tattoo treatment

Karen Betts performs an eyebrow tattoo treatment

Ever wondered how Olympic athletes manage to stay looking so good when they're cycling, running or jumping? Apparently the secret to their beauty is permanent make-up. 

Internationally acclaimed permanent cosmetic consultant and leading beauty expert Karen Betts is proving incredibly popular with Olympics Athletes and many high profile sporting figures who are going crazy booking up for her permanent make-up procedures.

Offering a range of treatments including eyebrow, eyeliner and lip liner tattoos – British athletes like long-jump athlete Jade Johnson love the idea of facial make-up you don’t have to constantly remove and re-apply everyday during their grueling training sessions.

Karen’s most recent client, British Olympic Long-Jump Athlete, Jade Johnson says:

"I'm an Olympic athlete but I'm also a woman and LOVE to be feminine. I love make up, lashes, and getting my hair done so I look  good on and off the track. I especially love getting my eyebrows done by Karen. I have to admit I'm obsessed with the look of perfect brows and Karen is the BEST at achieving perfection!"

Bookings are through the roof in Karen’s prestigious Harley Street Clinic with sporting professionals realizing permanent makeup is the way forward in their profession – who says you can’t still look great whilst participating on the sporting stage?! 

With a passion to make her sporty clients look effortlessly beautiful each and every day and with a diverse range of treatments on offer you need look no further – Karen will literally save you time applying and re-applying makeup throughout the day to ensure you look good 24/7.

Karen Betts is a beauty genius and is the number one permanent make-up consultant in the UK. This market is getting extremely popular within the sporting arena and we believe everyone should know about these fantastic make-up options available to all women and men in 2012.

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