Katherin Jenkins gets plenty of volume in her curls

Katherin Jenkins gets plenty of volume in her curls

Music sensation, Lana Del Ray, Dancing with the Stars favourite, Katherine Jenkins, and model come actress, Lilly Cole, have all been snapped out and about this week sporting effortlessly chic curls with added volume.

Luckily, for us regular folk, ghd Creative Director and international session stylist, Kenna, is on hand to provide us with his insider tips so we too can create luscious looking locks.

To begin, apply ghd Style Root Lift Spray from roots down and ghd Style Total Volume Foam from tips up, to towel dried hair, to create a big bouncy blow-dry style with your ghd air dryer

You will want to start by drying the roots to activate the ghd Root Lift Spray; this product is great for the whole length of the hair because it adds texture

Continue drying by flipping your head upside down and keeping  ghd air on low speed and low heat; let gravity help you build volume

Once hair is completely dry and volume perfected, a blast of cold using the cold shot button on ghd air will give your style a great tousled look

To create the curls I would recommend using the finger pin technique.  Firstly wrap 2cm squares of hair round a finger, release finger keeping your hair in a coil, then heat the coil with the ghd Gold Classic styler for 4-6 seconds – watch a beautiful finger curl appear. (For larger waves follow the steps above but this time wrap 3-4cm squares of hair round a finger instead.) Once all hair is complete shake your head from side to side letting the curls fall naturally

Finally, hold your style in place with ghd Style Final Fix Spray to ensure your curls stay big and bouncy all day

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