Laser hair removal can now be done at home

Laser hair removal can now be done at home

Achieving long-term hair removal in the comfort of your own home is now possible with at-home IPL treatment devices, which allow users to achieve salon-quality hair removal when and where they want it.

Dr Russell Emerson, Dermatological Surgeon and recognised laser expert, explains how IPL works and shares his tips on using at-home IPL devices safely and effectively.   

Intense Pulsed Light systems (IPL) have offered highly effective and safe long-term hair reduction in salons and clinics for many years and it’s exciting to now see the latest innovation of at-home devices for treating unwanted hair, such as the premium Gillette Venus Naked Skin IPL designed by Braun. At-home devices utilise the same principles as professional IPL’s, which work by focusing intense pulses of light energy to the hair follicle and, through a process called Selective Photothermolysis, target the melanin (or pigment) in the hair. This effectively helps “pause” the hair re-growth cycle and creates “resting” follicles by targeting hair at the surface before it emerges.

While no IPL can promise to deliver hair-free skin forever, the Gillette Venus Naked Skin designed by Braun features built-in IpulseTM technology, which carefully balances 6 key professional-quality parameters to offer women a safe and effective hair removal experience to achieve noticeable hair reduction in as little as 6 treatments. It also includes unique Square-Wave technology that delivers a consistent level of energy to first lull the hair to sleep during growth and then keep these ‘sleeping beauty’ follicles asleep with maintenance treatments (once every two months).

With any hair removal, it’s important to use the right method for your skin type and what is unique about the Gillette Venus Naked Skin IPL compared to other at-home devices, is the integrated ‘Skin Tone Sensor’. This is designed to measure your skin tone to determine if the product is, first and foremost, right for you and then automatically customises the energy and light pulse duration appropriately for your skin tone so you can easily and safely achieve noticeable results. It is worth noting that IPL works most effectively on light-to-medium skin tones and dark hair colours and is not effective on treatment areas with red, very blonde, grey or white hair.

For optimum results always remove any hair on the skin’s surface before using an IPL hair removal device to ensure that the light reaches the hair follicles during treatment.  I would recommend shaving the area – if you are epilating or waxing, you will need to wait 2 weeks before using the device.

The Venus ProSkin Sensitive is an ideal razor for this as it’s designed for women who want to protect their skin as they shave. Its 5 floating blades spaced close together reduce pressure and achieve a closer shave. The Venus ProSkin Sensitive, £9.99, and Gillette Venus Naked Skin, £449.99, are both available from Boots. Now is the perfect time to start your IPL treatment so that your legs are well on their way to becoming hair free in time for the summer. Please visit for any further information or consult a physician if you are unsure if the device is appropriate for you.

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