Don't use the sun beds, stick to safe tanning

Don't use the sun beds, stick to safe tanning

Tanning safely is most definitely something that we should all be aware off, yet we're still using the sun beds in excessive amounts. 

Some people are worried that their fake tan will go wrong, but we spoke to Nichola Jossm beauty therapist and member of the Venus ProTeam who tell us how we can achieve a perfect fake tan. 

What must be done before applying tan?

First of all, you should get all your tools together to avoid any accidents later on in the process. This means having your application mit, your wipes and the tanning product itself ready and reachable.

Next prep your skin, ensuring you gently exfoliate so that skin is nice and clean with a dewy surface. Then use a light, water based moisturiser that absorbs into the skin quickly. If you need to remove your hair, do so two hours before applying self-tan and try shaving using the Venus ProSkin Sensitive razor. With 5 blades spaced close together to reduce pressure, this razor is great even on sensitive skin and acts a gentle exfoliator before tanning.

Any tips on how to get rid of tan quickly and effectively?

Try using a body oil and massage into the skin. This will penetrate the skin’s surface, pulling the product off as you massage the different areas. 

Do not use lemon juice, it is a complete myth that it is an effective tan remover. Just pour some oil into a relaxing hot bath and using a wash cloth or exfoliating product, gently massage the product off.

What's your favourite beauty trend for this coming season?

Right now it is all about multi-tasking. You have all these 2-in-1 products that make life simple and easy, and really benefit your beauty regime. My personal favourites include the revolutionary BB creams and the Venus ProSkin MoistureRich razor. BB creams are great because they combine skincare with makeup, so they don’t just hide your blemishes but look after your skin.

Similarly, the Venus ProSkin MoistureRich razor removes hair effectively whilst creating a layer of protection for your skin with every close stroke. It has three blades with built-in MoistureRich Gel Bars enhanced with avocado, olive and kokum butters for added glide, giving a great feeling with every smooth stroke. Simply glide the razor over the contours of your legs for an easy shave – and there is no need to use a separate shave cream!

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