National Smile Month (16th May - 16th June) is the UK's largest and longest-running oral health campaign. With it already half way through the campaign, we have some expert advices and tips on how to achieve the perfect smile this National Smile Month.

Do you want the perfect smile?

Do you want the perfect smile?

Flossing and brushing is just part of the daily morning and evening oral care routine for most people. Good oral hygiene and dental care habits promotes good overall health and not only that, ensures sweet smelling breath and limited trips to the dentist!

Brush those pearly whites right

When brushing, brush your teeth for two minutes, twice daily using fluoride toothpaste (without sulphate) such as The Breath Company Fresh Breath Fluoride Toothpaste (£8.99 Boots). You only need to use a 'pea sized; amount of toothpaste for optimum cleaning.

Eat well

Eating well is as good for your teeth as it if for your health. Try to stay away from sugary drinks and sweets. Brushing after eating doesn't cancel this out, in face it could be making things worse, especially after eating fruit, wine or any other food that contains acid. Leaving at least an hour between eating and brushing will give your saliva a chance to neutralise.

As well as being damaging to teeth, drinks such as tea, coffee, wine and fizzy drinks can stain teeth and make them appear yellow. If you have a sweet tooth and are worried about the staining and damaging effect these treats are having on your teeth, try the new iWhite Instant2 (£34.95 Boots) which contains an MOHA complex which will not only make teeth visibly whiter, but will actually restore the enamel and make the teeth stronger too! iWhite Instant2 is clinically proven to be safe and effective.

Never use bleach or peroxide

Well not if you want to keep your teeth! Using bleach during whitening treatments can weaken your tooth enamel and cause permanent damage. If you want a bright whiter smile try the Luster Pro Light Teeth Whitening System, invented by dentists it is safe and effective on tough stains. The blue light technology is the same that dentists use, but in a compact portable device you can use at home, for cheaper!

Sweet breath so match that smile

There is no point in perfecting your smile if when you get up close to someone they wrinkle their nose at your bad breath. Finish your daily oral hygiene regime with The Breath Company Oral Rinse, available in Icy Mint and Mild Mint (£12.99 from Boots and Superdrug). Unlike most oral rinses available, The Breath Company doesn't contain any alcohol which will only dry the mouth out and mask odours rather than killing off the bad bacteria that causes bad breath.

Perfect the perfect pout

To finish that perfect pout, keep your lips in top tip condition. The Herpatch Prevention Stick (£4.99 Boots) contains a super-nourishing formula with natural waxes and aloe vera to soothe, moisturises and revitalise sensitive and damaged lips, while providing long lasting relief. Good news for cold sore sufferers too, as it will actually help reduce the number of cold sore outbreaks!

Now you have the perfect smile you have something to smile about. Go out and show the world that gleaming smile!

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