Karolina Kurkova

Karolina Kurkova

After we revealed on Tuesday that Karolina Kurkova appeared to be missing her belly button , it got us thinking about all the other celebrities out there with weird belly button secrets.

Not so long ago, if you had an 'outie' you were considered, most unfortunately to be an alien; well that's what the kids used to say at my school at least. Of course it's not true in the slightest, but it is certainly interesting and odd that some people have innes, while others have outies.

Well, if you cast your mind back to the moment you were born and when the doctor cut your umbilical cord, it's at this moment where you belly-button journey begins. It leaves a small stump, which will dry up and then fall off a few weeks after birth (gross, I know.)

This usually will leave a concave scar, known to us all as a belly button, or an 'innie'. In some cases the scar will poke out from your tummy, and this will result in an 'outtie' belly button. What's weird though is that it is completely by chance what you will end up with, so really you can't have a preference as to which you'd prefer.

If like in poor Karolina's case you appear to have no belly button, just a smooth groove then consider yourself extremely unique, as we can't think of many people who have that claim to fame.

We've had a look at which famous celebs have 'innies', 'outies' and 'inbetweenies' to see if their belly buttons have ever held them back in life...


The most well-known of all the belly button groups, most people tend to have innies and this includes a number of famous faces. Lindsay Lohan, Angelina Jolie, Rihanna and Scarlett Johansson are just some of those who have been blessed with an innie.


Tonnes of sexy celebs have been graced with an 'outie' and they seem proud to show it off. Britney Murphy, Fergie, Jennifer Gardner and Mischa Barton to name a few all have outies, and all frequently top sexiest women lists in the world.


Well, Cameron Diaz is alone in this group as far as we can see, as she is neither an innie or an outie! We think Cameron and Karolina should form a unique new belly button group...well it would certainly get people talking!