Would you ever consider a butt lift?

Would you ever consider a butt lift?

Football fans aren’t the only ones with their eye on Brazil this summer, with enquiries for the coveted ‘Brazilian butt lift’ doubling (115%) in the past 12 months, according to new research.

The operation, also known as buttock augmentation, might give you a serious lift but it comes with a hefty price tag of around £4,229.  

Enquiries for butt implants have risen by 484% in the past two years; the procedure involves silicone implants – similar to breast implants – being inserted into each buttock to give a fuller, rounder posterior. This procedure doesn’t come cheap either, with the average cost in the UK £4,296.

Dr Massimiliano Marcellino, cosmetic surgeon at Harley Street clinic, CosmeDocs Cosmetic Doctors, comments: “Buttock augmentation is in huge demand as people strive for a fuller behind, not only for the bikini season but all year round. Among our patients, the most popular celebrity behinds to emulate are those of Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Biel and tennis players, such as Maria Sharapova. Although women account for about 80% of patients, there are some men who opt for this surgery.

“For a surgeon to perform a buttock implant they need to be incredibly skilled as the procedure comes with a very high risk of infection and displacement of the implants. Buttock augmentation is more popular because there is no scarring. It uses existing fat from the body, injected into certain areas, to give the desired look. However, there is some downtime needed and the area may be sore or uncomfortable for a few days.”

It’s been only weeks since Kim Kardashian-West sauntered down the aisle with that infamous derriere holding centre stage but it was her holiday ‘belfie’ that really got us talking about her curves. With pictures of her bikini belfie making almost every paper and magazine, is it a coincidence that in the same month enquiries for butt lifts rose by 136% and butt implants increased by 53%?

Central and Eastern Europe have proven major hotspots for buttock surgery, as patients travelling to these destinations will pay roughly half what they would in the UK. Turkey has seen the most enquiries for butt lifts, implants and reductions, followed by Poland and the Czech Republic. With short flights and cheap airfares it’s not surprising that so many Brits are looking overseas for these procedures. In Turkey, a butt lift will cost an average £2,118 – a whopping saving of £2,111 compared to the UK, while butt implants cost £2,393, a saving of £1,903. Poland is the cheapest destination for butt lifts at £2,103 and the Czech Republic for butt implants at £2,117.

Caelen King, CEO of WhatClinic.com who conducted the research, comments: “We are certainly seeing a remarkable increase in traffic and enquiries for this treatment.  It's a trend that has grown considerably over the past two years. But don’t forget that trends can change fast and while it makes a great headline - butt augmentation is serious surgery, which carry real health risks.  Any non-essential surgery should be given careful consideration. Do your research, read reviews and make sure your bum is in the hands of an expert!"

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