Have you find that your hair is thinning?

Have you find that your hair is thinning?

Many women find that their hair changes texture as they age and can start to thin a little due to hormonal changes and in particular tresses can become thinner and break at the temples. But thinning hair can also affect many of us at any age with triggers including poor diet, extreme stress, childbirth or hormonal imbalances for example.

It can really knock our confidence levels so what can we do to manage thinning hair and are there any tricks and tips we can follow?

Norris Ogario, founder and Creative Director of Ogario has over twenty years’ experience when it comes to taking care of tresses advises:

Ask your hairdresser for styling tips – they are the experts. I generally find that a shorter cut will help when it comes to thinning hair and adding in some layers to create body and movement.

Trying a different parting can also work wonders – a sweeping fringe can be great at creating the illusion of thicker locks. Adding some gentle waves to your style can also give extra texture and a fuller appearance.

When it comes to styling products, beware of going overboard and using too many as this will just make locks look greast and flat and draw attention to problem areas. I’d suggest using just one volumising product applied to the roots and gently blow dry hair upside down to build volume. The right choice of shampoo and conditioner can make all the difference. I think it’s important to choose a conditioner that blends as many natural ingredients as possible as they are kinder to the hair and remember to online apply to ends so as not to weight down the hair.

Give your scalp a DIY mini massage. Massaging the scalp stimulates blood flow, which can strengthen the hair roots. Apply your shampoo into the palm of your hand; rub into an emulsion and with your fingertips massage all over the head for a couple of minutes. Studies have shown that aromatherapy oils can be beneficial when it comes to fighting thinning hair and hair loss. Rosemary for example contains camphor that works to strengthen the hair bulbs and condition.

Excessive hair thinning can be a sign that something is lacking in your diet so try and increase your intake of iron rich foods and those that include zinc such as eggs, shellfish and seeds. Remember that in extreme hair loss cases, it’s always worth visiting a trained trichologist who can help with hair loss treatments and advice. 

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