Go Nude With Beauty Next Year!

Go Nude With Beauty Next Year!

With winter winding down and spring fast approaching, we though we'd share with you some beauty news which is set to take next year by storm. Yes, that's right it's time to bare all and go nude.

No, we don't mean stripping in public and converting to naturism or anything like that! This sort of 'nude' requires you stripping back your beauty regime and going back to basics.

For starters, give your nails a rest from all the heavy colouring that they've gone through this party season and strip them bare. Nude nail varnishes are set to be huge, so treat yourself to a manicure and invest in a sheer coating.

Next, concentrate on taking your make-up routine back a few steps, so that you're not layering on foundation and powder on each day, in addition to the heavy eye and lip make-up.

In winter, we naturally layer up for comfort and warmth, but around March time the weather starts to brighten up, thus signaling the need for a make-up overhaul.

Invest in a tinted moisturiser for the spring and summer months, instead of a foundation and switch your heavy black mascara for either clear or brown.

Lastly, instead of sticky lip gloss bag yourself a fruity lip balm or Vaseline, which will keep your lips healthy and moisturised without looking too overdone.

Your eyebrows will also be a victim of this beauty overhaul, as big brows are set to be very in fashion next year, so ditch the heavy tweezing and instead model your brows on someone like Jennifer Connolly or Rachel Weisz.

Our final nude suggestion for the New Year is to do something so radical and unheard of that you may need to sit down and take deep breaths. That's right, it's time to ditch the fake tan.

Now, as scary as it may seem, next year will see us ditching the St Tropez and embracing the pale look, as was sported on the catwalks this year. So apart from us saving bucket loads of money, it will officially be 'in' to be pale this spring...don't say we didn't warn you!