Having hair extensions can have such a positive impact on how you feel about yourself, which is why they are definitely here to stay.

Angela Little

Angela Little

They have given confidence to so many women and you would truly be surprised by how many women wear them on a regular basis. However, if you’re wanting to have hair extensions there are several things you need to consider which are imperative to taking good care of them and having a trouble-free experience.

1. Products

It is essential that you use the correct products to ensure the full lifespan of your hair extensions.

Only ever use the hair extension shampoo that your salon/stylists have recommended, and use it every time you wash otherwise it will shorten the length of time they stay in.

NEVER apply conditioner to the roots of your hair. Only condition the mid-lengths and ends, otherwise, moisture damage will occur on the attachment. This applies to all methods.

2. Washing

Brush your hair gently before and after washing.

Wash hair gently in cool water, rub shampoo into the scalp, not the attachment, do not scrub the hair, wash and remember to rinse thoroughly.

Softly towel dry the hair before blow drying and always be gentle when hair is wet as it’s very heavy and stretchy. Only use a wide tooth comb when wet, never a brush.

3. Blow drying

Avoid using heat when drying your hair, the extensions cannot rejuvenate themselves with natural oils.

Use leave-in conditioner spray or oils on the hair and remember to use heat protection spray every time you use the dryer or straighteners.

If the extensions become dry treat them once a week with a deep conditioning mask (but never apply this to the roots).

When blow drying hair, blow downward with hairs natural growth on a cool, low speed.

4. General advice

Never go to bed with your hair wet, EVER.

Use a wide tooth comb when wet. Be gentle, brush from the bottom up, and take your time.

Wear a loose ponytail at night or a plait if you want a soft wave.

Use only a soft bristle brush on the hair when dry and brush a few times each day including your roots.

Do not wash hair for 48 hrs after the fitting, this applies to most hair extensions.

Use lots of conditioner, oils and sprays to keep hair well-nourished as hair extensions cannot self-lubricate as natural hair does.

5. Maintenance 

No extensions can stay in forever, unfortunately.

As your hair grows, the extensions stay in the same place on the same hair strands and move further from your scalp.

This happens with every method, so you must go back to your salon/stylists and have them moved back up or removed. This will happen (depending on the method) every 6-10 weeks, your salon/stylist will give you guidance. This is a crucial part of wearing hair extensions and must be undertaken for the sake of your own hair.

Lastly, enjoy them!


Angela Little Hair Extension Expert, and founder of www.aphroditehairsystem.com