Keep your nails and hands healthy with these tips

Keep your nails and hands healthy with these tips

Dry and cracked nails are something we come across all too often with ourselves, and all it takes is a little bit of TLC to get them back to their healthy best.

Ensure your nails are the ideal bed for some of the gorgeous spring shades that are popping up all over the beauty aisles.

Here we have some tips from one of London's leading skincare experts Malvina Fraser for healthy hands and nails

On dry hands, use the strongest side of a four sided nail buffer and lightly buff your nails.

You may find that after removing your nail varnish your nails may be left a little discoloured (yellow). Soak your nails four 10 minutes in warm water and pop in a denture tablet. This is one of my favourite beauty tips and works wonders to remove those unwanted stains and to soften your cuticles.

Once your nails have dried, it is now time to start buffing. Using a four sided nail buffer, run the buffer along the entire nail. Then turn the file and use the smoother side to polish the nails and smooth down the new nail surface.

Our cuticles protect our body from infections, fungus and bacteria and therefore it is important to really look after them. Apply cuticle oil after buffing your nails. It is one of the most effective ways to repair damaged and dry cuticles.

To prevent your nails from discolouring in the future apply a base coat before putting on your nail varnish. A base coat acts as a barrier against the effects of the polish.

Mix lavender (or almond oil) and sugar together and exfoliate your hands. Wash off and pop on a rich moisturising cream at night.

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