Feel like you have to wear makeup everyday to look your best? Embrace your natural beauty and try going without makeup once in awhile. Forget applying mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow and allow your natural beauty to shine through.

Fashion and Beauty on Female First

Fashion and Beauty on Female First

There are many ways to enhance your eyes naturally. This begins with a good skincare routine and staying healthy.

Amy Pritchett is a health and beauty blogger for Vision Direct UK, the online contact lens retailer. Today she offers advice for making your eyes more beautiful without makeup. Amy wants to encourage more women to go without makeup!

Rest, rest and more rest

Get plenty of rest. If you stay up all night, you're not going to roll out of bed looking like Cinderella. Instead, your eyes will be left puffy, droopy, dull and lifeless.

According to Michael Breus, MD, author of Beauty Sleep: 'When you're tired, blood doesn't flow efficiently.' When you don't get enough rest, your body doesn't get the chance to repair and restore itself. As you sleep, your body produces human growth hormone, a vital ingredient for collagen production.

Shape your eyebrows

Your eyebrows frame your eyes. Your mum knows what she's talking about when she tells you not to pluck your eyebrows too much! A strong brow shape can do wonders for your eyes. For the best look, get them professionally shaped. You can also brush them upwards to open up your eye area.

The form of your browline should be based on the shape of your face. Ask a professional to recommend the best brow and arch shape for your facial structure. This will help open your eye area and improve the overall symmetry of your face. For example, those with a round face should go for an angular shape at the outer corners to help give more definition.

Look after the skin around your eyes

The skin around your eyes is delicate and requires extra attention. According to Neil Sadick, MD, a clinical professor of dermatology at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, 'The skin around the eyes is much thinner than the skin on the rest of your face, so you need to use a cream that offers excellent barrier repair.'

He recommends looking for products that have a rich emollient. For example, shea butter or cholesterol are great ingredients for the eye area. To reduce moisture buildup, try products with hyaluronic acid. Sadick also recommends products with retinol and vitamin C, since they help with collagen production.

Establish a nighttime routine

At night, use a generous amount of eye cream to help moisturise and restore skin around your eyes. You can even apply cream on the lids of your eyes at this time.

Get in the habit of regularly applying cream at night, and you will begin to see noticeable results within a few weeks' time. Using a night treatment can also help prevent fine lines, wrinkles and skin damage.

Apply eye cream correctly

In the morning, use lighter cream around your eyes. Avoid applying cream to eye lids. Cream should go on the orbital bone, softly blended upward and stop at the lashline. Pressing cream inwards can aggravate your skin and cause puffiness, so try to be gentle with application.

According to the Stylist Magazine's associate beauty editor, Joanna McGarry, 'It's vital to avoid swamping the skin around the eye area as this can cause puffing in itself.' She also recommends using your baby finger to apply a grain of rice amount under your eyes and tapping the cream in very gently.

Use eye brightening drops

This is a good solution for those who suffer with allergies or have tired looking eyes. Eye drops can help rejuvenate your eyes and provide relief if they are feeling irritated. This can also help reduce redness in eyes. There are also eye drops available that are specifically designed to brighten eyes. Always speak to a physician first about your suitability before trying a new product.

Reduce puffiness

If you regularly have puffy eyes, this might be a sign that you're out of balance. For example, you may be allergic to something or may not be getting enough sleep.

There are many products and formulas available that can help reduce puffiness. These products will help create a smooth finish around the eye area. Look for creams that are light, cooling and absorb quickly.

There are also lots of tried and tested beauty tricks you can use to reduce puffiness under your eyes. Here are some ways you can reduce puffiness:

  • Sleep (the best solution)
  • Stay hydrated
  • Wash with ice cold water in the morning to reduce inflammation
  • Use cool compresses under your eyes: try cucumbers, a chilled spoon, cold green tea bags and an ice pack
  • Use an under-eye mask with a cooling effect
  • Soak cotton pads in three parts water and one part skin serum and put them over your eyes
  • Give your eye area a gentle massage to reduce puffiness and relax muscles

Always curl your lashes

Give your lashes a boost by curling them. This can help lashes appear thicker, fuller and longer. It will also help your eyes appear bigger and more awake.

Always hold your curler like you're holding a pair of scissors. Get the strip of the curler right up to the root of the eyelashes and place it upright so the curve faces out. To get the best curl, turn the tool upwards so that the curve of the curler is aligned with the curve of your eyelid's crease.

Stay healthy

Above everything else, the most important thing you can do to keep your eyes radiant is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. As mentioned, the easiest way to have a natural glow is with rest.

Remember to exercise regularly. Even taking a short walk can help brighten eyes and speed up the fluid drainage process in the eye area if you have swelling.

Finally, make sure you are eating right. If you have dark circles, this could be a sign that you are iron deficient. Try eating iron rich foods like brown rice, spinach, lentils and prunes.

Confidence is key

Confidence is the real secret to all beauty. You can feel beautiful without eye makeup! Just be confident in your own skin and give it a try.

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