The winter weather will dry out your hair so make sure you follow these tips

The winter weather will dry out your hair so make sure you follow these tips

Dry dull unmanageable hair and skin is bad enough at any time, but is even worse when humidity is low due to winter weather. It’s crazy that this cold frosty and wet winter air is actually quite dry as cold air holds less moisture which dehydrates the scalp and encourages hair dryness. Then we have central heating which also increases hairs dryness as the atmospheric moisture is absorbed.

Amongst many winter hair problems include static electricity fly- away hair, an increase in hair dryness, brittleness and frizzy split ends and tangles.  The scalp will often feel very itchy, what I call a “winter scalp pruritus” with or without a flaky dandruff scalp. Itching often results in repeated scratching damaging the delicate scalp tissue allowing opportunistic bacterium and funguses to enter. On examination I am often confronted with broken hair due to both the hair dryness and damage from repeated scratching.

Trichologist, Mandy Baldwin, shares her tips on how to tackled winter hair and give it the extra attention needed. 

The first thing to remember is not to add the hairs problem by considering what you are using on the hair. Avoid high alcohol products and over use of appliances such as flat irons and hair dryers too. Reduce how often you shampoo to every other day to allow the natural sebum produced by the sebaceous glands to lubricate and protect the hair shaft.


Some shampoos contain a humectant an ingredient that retains moisture, an example of this is glycerin. Humectants are hygroscopic meaning they attract and hold ambient water molecules from the air and help with moisturisation. However very dry air may be an issue with adsorption so other moisture encouraging ingredients within the product may be added. In order not to over hydrate by saturation of humectants on the hair, always use the products accordingly to each manufacturer’s personal recommendations. Over hydration can result in hair breakage due to it allowing too much stretch in the hairs elasticity. Winter hair is often very limp and flat, try choosing a shampoo and conditioner that adds volume and bounce such as DGJ Organic Hangover Hair.


To tackle and prevent dryness the hair needs regular moisturizing. However to much moisture can be heavy on the hair, try using a regular light daily use conditioner such as DGJ Organics Honeydew and Watermelon Hairjuice followed by a once a week deep penetrating condition such as DGJ Hangover Hair Repair Treatment. For more serious dry hair conditions try using an intense hydration deep moisture luxury hair conditioner such as Hangover Hair Organic Lavender Essential Oils for tired and stressed hair.

Give winter hair a monthly treatment of hot oil for gloss and shine with this homemade recipe.

1.            Shampoo the hair using a clarifying shampoo such as DGJ Hairjuice.

2.            Towel blot dry

3.            Then mix two table spoons of olive oil with two table spoons of Honeydew and Melon Hairjuice and one table spoon of either Lemon juice or white vinegar and mix.

4.            Apply to the hair

5.            Wrap a damp towel around the scalp that has been soaked in warm to hot water

6.            Leave on for 20 to 30 minutes to allow the oil to penetrate trapping the water moisture in the hair and scalp. (oil is not a moisturizer in itself)

7.            Shampoo off using the clarifying shampoo DGJ Hairjuice.

8.            Then condition the hair using Honeydew and Melon Hairjuice for gloss, shine, and manageability.

Styling the hair

Living in the real world and understanding fashion and easy hair management means we are not about to bin either the hair dryer or the irons. In order to avoid direct or indirect heat damage to the hair reduce the temperature settings to as low as possible. Apply a heat thermal protection mousse such as Thermal Creations Mousse by TRESemme to reduce damaging hydrogen bonds within the hairs cortex. 

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