Ladies, have you been introduced to this fabulous range, Dead Sea Magik?

Dead Sea Magik

Dead Sea Magik

I must say, I am impressed as it has so many benefits. It's amazing and after using it myself, I have found it quite flawless!

I am obsessed with creams and a good skin care regime will hold on to our youth and help prevent ageing!


  • No Parabens
  • Use allergen free fragrance
  • 100% organic Dead sea water base
  • 100% allergen free blends
  • Anti-ageing benefit's
  • RRP £13-£14

Firstly, the packaging is so expensive looking you wouldn't believe how affordable it is and smells absolutely divine.

We should cleanse tone and moisturise every day and night to fight everyday pollution and impurities to your skin and help keep blackheads at bay. So we need to be as much committed to our regime, as Dead Sea products are committed to our skin!

This fabulous cleanser rehydrates your skin, ideal for sensitive skin and reduces fine line and wrinkles

Main ingredients:

  • Chamomile to calm the skin
  • Allantan to maintain hydration levels
  • Marshmallow Root extract to soften!

After just 4 weeks of using this product - followed by Dead Sea Pro-Toner and moisturiser - clients started to ask me what was different about my complexion and that I looked a lot more radiant and skin looked smoother! So I couldn't be happier with the result!

To complete this regime, I am going to quickly introduce the next two steps to complete dead sea magik.

This toner not only leaves skin feeling invigorated and restored and highly refreshing but it also promotes cell regeneration. The toner compliments the cleanser amazingly

To finish this regime in the day I would then add the deep sea rich moisturiser. This little beauty is a fantastic base for a foundation if applied straight away on top of moisturiser, It also corrects skin's moisture to ensure your skin is at its best and protects against adverse elements. In your night regime swap to night moisturiser

I must admit ladies, this is bringing a spa to your home and I have enjoyed every minute and would highly recommend; especially for ladies with sensitive skin. Any questions please contact me at [email protected]

No matter what the question, I am always here to help my fabulous girls.

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