Jessie Ware shares her beauty essentials

Jessie Ware shares her beauty essentials

Coconut water is definitely a health and beauty trend of the moment, why should we be drinking it?

Because Its far more fun than drinking water and just as hydrating! I'm mad about the new Chocolate flavour ZICO Coconut Water at the moment. 

Staying hydrated is important, especially when you’re on stage. What else do you do to stay healthy when performing?

I try I exercise on tour. In fact, I sometimes find it easier to keep healthy when I am on tour as I can keep more of a routine. Gym in the morning, then that usually kick starts a healthy eating and drinking day for me.

How important is fitness to you and your performances?

Fitness makes me feel so much better. And I am always showing my tummy off so it would look terrible if it didn't look a little toned!!

How do you like to stay in shape?

I have a personal trainer in London, when I am here, otherwise it is hotel gyms, and drinking green teas or white teas and eating well. 

What are your favourite ‘guilty’ foods?

Cream on ice cream and I adore pizza

Do you have any tips for making your make-up last whilst you’re on stage?

Powder your lipstick. It feels gross but it keeps it matte and it stays on. And drink through a straw.

Which 5 beauty products couldn’t you live without?

Sicily flower express face mask gel. I put it on on flights.

Aromatherapy Associates rose water mist spray

Eve Lom cleansing mask

CKone highlighter for my skin

Ojon hair shampoo and conditioner.

If you could only have one signature make-up look forever, which would it be?

Strong brow and highlighted cheek bones and a nude lip and slight flick on my eyes.

Jessie Ware is fronting ZICO Coconut Water’s #TheEverydayActive campaign to  inspire the nation to carry out every day healthy activities. Look out for ZICO original, mango and new ZICO Chocolate in stores now.  Follow ZICO UK on Facebook. 

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