Which colours will you be applying to your nails?

Which colours will you be applying to your nails?

Looking for new products for your nails? We have the must buys covered, everything from nail care to nail.

As we head into a new season the colour trends are set to change, and as you can imagine there’s going to be plenty of brights and pastels, but for the time being we’re still hanging on to our beloved deep and dark hues too.

First up though, nail care. The point to which every manicure should start. The BioSculpture Vitamin Dose is something you need to add to your kit now, after using it for a couple of weeks our nails have gotten a whole lot healthier – they look brighter, are stronger and there have been no peeling instances, what-so-ever. Of course, follow this with a Cuticle Oil too, we keep ours on our desk to ensure we use it every day and then the Executive Base helps to protect the nails from colour stain and provides a perfect base for colour to glide over. (Buy these from www.biosculpture.co.uk)

In 2013 we fell for the gel nail colours that numerous brands brought to our attention, and our love for super shiny colours is definitely not waning in 2014. The Seventeen Gel Colour varnishes come in an amazing 15 different shades from brights, pastels and dark shades, each priced at £3.99. They’re long lasting, last for about four days without chipping – we couldn’t believe it either, and have a wide brush that make application that whole lot easier.

Giles Deacon has a brand new collaboration that we couldn’t wait to get our hands on, the designer has teamed up with Rock Beauty London to bring us a selection of nail wraps and a Rockits kit which includes jewelled steel spider appliques and black pom-poms along with silver and crimson nail caviar with complimenting deep black polish. This is a handy little kit to have if you’re a big fan of nail art, in fact all of the Nail Rockits are, we love their white version which came out just before Christmas. The spider theme is carried through with intricately designed deep red nail wraps and then the other wraps feature a gold and black design.

Also within the Giles Deacon range are an Eye Rock Crystals set and Eye Rock Designer Liner, ideal if you want to make a statement to your eye make-up too.

Finally, the brand new Nude Collection from Nails Inc has made it onto our wishlist too. A selection of four colours that are incredibly subtle, but incredibly beautiful.

Which colours are you going to be championing this coming season?

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