Handy hints for protecting skin against central heating

Handy hints for protecting skin against central heating

The poll, conducted by energy company E.on found that some Brits have their heating on higher than 23 degrees and are damaging their skin in the process.

It would seem that while we're all enjoying our cosy nights in while the elements thrash against the windows, we are unaware of the issues that the heat is posing for our skin.

With this mind, E.on has joined forced with skin expert Antonia Burrell in a bid to offer some tips and hints to keep skin looking supple and glowing this season, without having to sacrifice on being toasty warm throughout the winter months.

Antonia highlights the effects of central heating on your skin:

Sitting indoors with the central heating on full whack will leave your skin feeling dry, rough and tight. When the heating is too high, water will come out of your skin and evaporate into the atmosphere

Dry skin not only feels bad – it is also more prone to wrinkles and will appear ashy and dull. No one wants skin that looks like crepe paper!

Antonia's tips for preventing problems:

Sleep with your heating off at night if possible. If you can, use a timer as well so that your heating switches on when you come home from work for a couple of hours, then switches on again in the morning. This will not only help you to save energy and money, it’ll also  protect your skin from dehydration

If you feel you really do need your heating on during the night, turn the thermostat down.  To prevent skin dehydration, consider putting a beauty bowl into your living room and bedroom. This is essentially a decorative bowl filled with water which will evaporate into the air with the heat of the room.  If the air is more humid, less moisture will be lost from your skin

Drinking lots of water is always a good idea – pure water is best. To stave off the shivers, try warm water with a slice of lemon or a herbal tea to give your water a bit of flavour without detracting from its rehydrating goodness! Aim to drink 8-12 glasses of water a day

Make sure your skin is nourished – you can do this by using a hydrating mask and facial oils

Antonia's top tips:

Got your heating on full? Consider turning the temperature down – not only will it cost you less but it’ll stop the heat from sapping all of the hydration from your skin. The optimum room temperature is between 18 and 21 degrees 

To avoid chapped lips, use a lip balm or a nice moisturising lip-gloss. Lipsticks are not as hydrating, so go for the sassy, glossy finish to hydrate as well as add a flash of colour!

To repair damaged and dry skin, use hydrating masks to replace lost moisture to your skin

You should adapt your beauty regime to the seasons – opt for facial oils and toners without alcohol in the winter months to keep your skin moisturised and supple

Exfoliate twice a week to maintain healthy, glowing skin

Drink a large glass of water before you go to bed (a whole pint if you can manage it!) – or if you’re feeling the cold, have a camomile tea

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