Launched as two new fragrances from She Who Dares that hope to catapult the user through spring and into summer, Eminence and Dalliance are two very unique and different smells which men and women are being encouraged to give to females who they're proud of or inspired by.

Being a male writer for a female-oriented website can at times be tough, but when you're sent perfume to review, there's always a rewarding smile on the face of my mother when I return home. The arrival of She Who Dares' two new offerings was no different.


White-topped Dalliance ensures that it's a smell not to be forgotten. Described as having "top notes of rose, peony, forget me not and lily of the valley", it's a powerful scent that will ensure the user a host of attention.

Eminence was both the favourite for my mother and I however, with the sultry "top notes of bergamot and pink peppercorn" offering a less aggressive but perfectly captured scent. The bottle was quickly snagged by my 11-year-old sister for her upcoming party.

The only personal niggles I have with the new fragrances would be the lids. They can be quite sharp and so those who carry their perfumes around in handbags or the like should be careful when reaching for a spruce up. They also slip off the top of the bottle very easily, so do handle with care and don't hold the bottles from the top!

All in all though they're an impressive pair. Founder of the brand Rachel Lowe says that she hopes the idea that women should never give up will be promoted through the scents, as nothing is impossible.

She says: "Throughout the product design and development process I have done everything I can to ensure that the She Who Dares product range is as perfect as it can be. There are so many amazing women out there doing incredible things every day and I want SWD to be a brand that becomes synonymous with this success. Women don't always take the time to celebrate their success and I hope that our range of SWD gifts give people a wonderful way to recognise and celebrate this. 

"They are gifts that say 'I believe in you', and the iconic Rose which features on all the products is our symbol of recognition for everything the woman being gifted has achieved."

Scarfs, pendants, bags and beauty products including shower gel and body lotion are also available in the range, stocked in department stores across the UK and also available to order online now at - also the place to go for the fragrances.

The website also allows users to nominate inspirational women, who are then automatically put forward to potentially win a hamper of SWD goodies.

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