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TEC.BEAN 4-in-1 Ceramic Hair Straightener Flat Iron Hair Curler

TEC.BEAN 4-in-1 Ceramic Hair Straightener Flat Iron Hair Curler

I'm so excited by this week's review as I have a quick and simple way to style your hair with this fab four in one hair straighter curling iron.

Firstly, the packaging is amazing - I love purple. The handle is so easy to grip and has a lovely feel to it as well as the silky travel pouch that it comes in.

This hair straighter curling iron is so easy to use, from full volume to silky straight hair, it's easy action style lets you adjust the curl slides to create anything from tight curls to loose waves to sleek to straight.

As a hairdresser, I love the fact that's its ceramic even though you still use a heat protector with any heat that we apply to our hair.

I love loose waves and thought I would try this out first to see how long it would take me to achieve his look. The iron took seconds to heat up so I closed and locked the unit so it would heat the brush.

I took a section at a time with dry freshly washed hair and brushed my hair, then slowly wound it up the brush, hold 5 seconds then it smoothly came down my hair - no getting stuck, no tangling !! I was so impressed I must have styled my whole hair in 15 minutes to create a wavy kinda day style.

The straighteners are also really amazing and again super fast to heat up in seconds this I tried out on one of my clients and she was so impressed.

This little beauty retails at £20.99 and can be purchased on amazon what are you waiting for!

You will also receive:

1x 2 in one iron and curling iron

1x comb

1x clip

This is everything you need to style your hair where ever and whenever you want or need.

I already have one in my salon and I am finding it a dream to use and can create different styles with ease.

If you need help creating ladies please drop me an email at [email protected]

I'll be back next week with another little beauty tip.

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