Whether you have been overusing your straighteners or laying in the sun, heat damage for your hair can be a nightmare! Yes, we are constantly told to protect our hair from the heat, but what happens if we accidently forget and the damage is already done? Well, aftercare is the best solution - especially when there are new products on the market that can really improve the quality of your scalp and hair.

Are you overdoing it with the hairdryer?

Are you overdoing it with the hairdryer?

The purepotions Skin Salvation Scalp oil (£14.99 from Holland and Barrett) really is a miracle in a bottle, designed for sore scalps (hello - sunburn alert!), seborrheic dermatitis and scalp psoriasis - this bad boy is quick and easy to use, especially when you just need to leave it on overnight and just wash out in the morning. So, what's so great about their scalp oil? Besides from being 100% natural, the oil is handmade in the UK and is perfect for sensitive, allergy-prone skin. There is always some hesitation with applying products to a scalp that is burnt (whether this is from styling tools or the sun) so opting for a natural formula will reduce the risk of irritation.

Now for your hair, we would definitely recommend using a hair masque to add moisture back to your hair shafts to keep them smooth, especially when the sun or your heated styling tools can be very drying. But we can't exactly sit at our desks with a hair masque on so that is where The Jojoba Company steps in. Their 100% natural Australian Jojoba (£12.99 from Holland and Barrett) is the perfect size to keep in your bag and you can easily apply a small sized amount into your hands and smooth through your hair. This little gem can also be used as a moisturiser and a cuticle oil - pretty nifty right?

So there we have it, our top products for giving your sun burnt scalp and hair some TLC and hopefully you should see a big improvement - of course, prevention is key so don't forget to reach for your heat protector next time!

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