Georgia May Jagger is known for her beautiful smile

Georgia May Jagger is known for her beautiful smile

Quirkiness and individuality haven’t always been terms used in the beauty industry. Trends tend to adhere more to aesthetic conformity, rather than individual expression. However, thanks to wider fashion trends and some A-list supporters, more and more of us are embracing unique smiles.

Elleven, London’s award-winning, highly specialist dental and orthodontic practice ( has seen a sharp increase in the number of patients eschewing too perfect, overly white teeth in lieu of their natural gapped, or overcrowded grins.

Celebrities embracing their unique smiles include:

1.    Cara Delevingne: Just the other day, Cara stepped out in Notting Hill sporting a set of grillz (metal mouthpiece) designed by Dolly Cohen, and personalised with her name – the very definition of individual expression and embracing uniqueness when it comes to your smile!

2.    Georgia May Jagger: The model’s trademark gap clearly has not deterred her in the slightest, having featured in campaigns for Rimmel, Marc Jacobs and Chanel.

3.    Kate Moss: It is almost certainly true that the British beauty wouldn’t be nearly so striking if it wasn’t for her mischievous jagged grin.

4.    Keira Knightley: Her infamous pout is defined by her misaligned tomboy canine.

  1. 5.    Jessica Paré: Never has an overbite been so desirable.

Sameer Patel, Clinical Director at Elleven, which pioneers Face Driven Dentistry says:

“It is not necessarily perfect symmetry that makes a person attractive and desirable. A beautiful face is one in which all of the features exist in harmony according to natural law, therefore a person’s smile must be in balance with the rest of the face. At Elleven we offer Face Driven Dentistry, which looks at the whole of the patient’s face, their profile, lips, muscles and bone structure as well as their personality, in order that their smile is unique to them and embraces their individuality.”

These new dental developments are part of a wider trend in fashion for a less conventional look. This has seen popularity increase for red hair, freckles, thick eyebrows and grown out roots (not to mention the rise of CC and BB creams). Fashion has moved away from high glamour to a more natural look. The trend is set to continue with catwalks at New York Fashion Week abound with pared down looks at DKNY, Diane Von Furstenberg and Victoria Beckham.

The trend embraces an old school Parisian natural beauty look, with orthodontists such as Elleven pioneering the face driven dentistry technique that aims to maintain personality and natural quirks. Elleven maintains that a perfect smile should not look artificial and treatment aims to improve the appearance of teeth without diminishing their charm.

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