When you think of professional hairstyling, it doesn't take long before Toni&Guy jumps into your mind. The company has a fierce reputation and has stood as one of the leading chains of hair salons across the UK ever since its initial debut all the way back in 1963.

Now, over 50 years later, the company is still going strong, expanding the franchise on a number of levels and ensuring they're one of the first you go to if you're looking for a bit of pizazz. So, when we were given the chance to trial one of Toni&Guy's new products from their Curl Squad line, we jumped at the opportunity.

Sent the Curl Squad Reverse Wand, which is quick to hit its 210°C temperature, we had a house party lined up for Saturday night, which would provide the perfect opportunity to show off what we could do with our new styling tool!

What Toni&Guy have gone for here is the perfect way to style your hair and look as if you've just gotten home from the beach, and they've ticked all the right boxes. The result of just 10-20 minutes with the Reverse Wand is something very impressive, and leaves the consumer with a finished look that'd be perfect for a festival, first date, or night on the tiles. It even comes with a complimentary glove for styling, so even the clumsiest of us can have fun playing with our hair!

The versatility of the looks you're able to create with Toni&Guy's new range is something to be applauded. The ease of using the tool is also impressive. Never has a piece felt so comfortable in our hands, and allowed for so much room to maneouvre!

Affordable, effective and easy to use, Toni&Guy have once again hit the mark with their latest release. Though we only tried out the Reverse Wand, we imagine any one of the four new products would be a brilliant purchase for those looking to add a little character to their hair.

Toni&Guy's Curl Squad Reverse Wand, Curl Squad Textured Styler, Curl Squad Spiral Wand and Curl Squad Chopstick are all available now online, with an RRP of £39.99 each.

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