Which beauty products couldn't you live without?

Which beauty products couldn't you live without?

Beauty products are a part of our everyday life, but asked to narrow that down to just a couple which items couldn’t you hand over?

Dry shampoo, concealer and straighteners have all been voted as some of our ‘can’t live without’ products.

Obvious choices included deodorant, lip balm and mascara, but others, more slightly unusual were nail art, a pumice stone and Botox.

One respondent in the 550 survey commented: “I dread to think what the world would look like without our favourite beauty products. Things like concealer and razors are just essentials, whilst hair dye and Botox are just a helping hand in reversing the clock.”

Moisturising products featured heavily in the top 50 list, with wrinkle cream, firming cream and eye cream coming out as must haves.

And the list also reveals that we’re not afraid to fake it, with false eyelashes, fake tan and false nails all making the list.

A spokesperson for CheapHolidayLand.com, who conducted the research, said: “It’s interesting to see that basic products like face wipes and emery boards appear so predominantly in the list.

“We are so used to them being around that sometimes we forget we even use them.”

Below is the list in full, in no particular order:

1.         Tangle comb

2.         Deodorant

3.         Concealer

4.         Dry Shampoo

5.         Fake Tan

6.         Nail polish remover

7.         Hair spray

8.         Hair straighteners

9.         False Eyelashes

10.       Face Wipes

11.       Eye make up remover

12.       Anti Frizz serum

13.       Wrinkle Cream

14.       Tinted moisturizer

15.       Emery boards

16.       Eye cream

17.       Heat protect spray

18.       Leave in conditioner

19.       Tweezers

20.       Razor

21.       Eye lash curlers

22.       Mascara

23.       Lip balm

24.       Shaving cream

25.       Perfume/ Aftershave

26.       Face Mask

27.       Spot cream

28.       Fake nails

29.       Hair dye

30.       Body moisturizer

31.       Hand Cream

32.       Hair dyer

33.       Hair removal cream

34.       Firming cream

35.       Night Cream

36.       Sun protection

37.       After sun

38.       Botox

39.       Teeth whitener

40.       Foot cream

41.       Pumice Stone

42.       Lipstick / gloss

43.       Hair extensions

44.       Cleanser

45.       Toner

46.       Hair grips

47.       Paddle brush

48.       Exfoliator

49.       Nail art

50.       Foundation

Which products couldn’t you live without?

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