Ensure your legs are looking perfect this summer with these tips

Ensure your legs are looking perfect this summer with these tips

There's nothing quite like a compliment to set you up for the day, a little compliment can go a long way throughout the day in helping you to feel better about how you look. 

New research from Venus & Braun reveals that almost half of the nation’s women agree the best body compliment they could receive this summer is being told they have great legs.

And now that the sunshine has made an appearance (please come back) we're more inclined to show them off in this season's hottest fashion trends. 

To ensure you’re spoilt with compliments this summer, Venus & Braun beauty therapist Nathalie Eleni has shared some of her top industry tricks and seasonal beauty tips to help you achieve summer ready, beautiful pins. Nathalie’s says;

“If you’re planning on enjoying the sunshine this weekend and embracing the latest leg revealing summer staples, make sure you start your beauty prep by creating enviably smooth and hair free skin. If you’re a shaver, I would recommend the Venus Embrace razor. With five blades, it will give you a close shave with flawlessly smooth results. If you’re looking for something more long-lasting, why not try epilation. It’s an increasingly popular method of hair removal and models such as the Braun Silk-épil 7 Epilator can be used in the shower or bath, minimising discomfort and making it super convenient to use.

“Next, take the time to exfoliate to keep skin rejuvenated and looking radiant. I always tell my clients to exfoliate daily by using a gentle body brush, moving over the skin in circular motions to remove dead skin cells – leaving you with the perfect base for tanning.
“Once you have exfoliated it’s time to keep the skin hydrated. My top tip here is to mix body oil with your usual body moisturising cream and apply evenly all over to really lock in the moisture. If prepping the night before, I like to indulge in a similar nightly leg mask by applying the same mixture to the skin and then pulling on some long but light cotton socks. This is a great way to intensify hydration, leaving skin glowing and super soft the next morning. And remember before any sunbathing takes place, don’t forget to apply sun factor of at least SPF30.

“After a day of sunbathing, it’s time to exchange flip-flops for party heels and work with illuminating products to maximize your tan and help create the illusion of longer pins. Massage the illuminator into the top of your legs, gently moving downwards to the shins to lengthen their appearance and enhance their shape. Blending in a radiance mousse is also a fantastic way to add a little summery shimmer. My other favourite trick is to take a foundation or matt bronzer that’s a shade darker than your natural skin tone and gently swipe over the area just underneath your calf muscle for extra definition.

“Finally, complete perfect pins with a splash of nail varnish on your toes. Go for a pop of red to complement your new glowing skin tone and if it’s a few days old, just drop a little oil on them to revive the colour!”

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