It is important to remember that over the winter months, cold winds and low temperatures will have an impact on the skin. Dry skin is the most common result of braving the elements, as winter air lacks humidity and dries the skin's natural oils.

The urge to stay indoors and hibernate can be hard to resist, but warm cosy homes can irritate the skin too. Indoor heating systems dry out moisture in the air, causing further dryness and damage to the skin.

Making careful choices about the washing up and laundry products you choose may help to keep skin irritation at bay.

Surcare has been approved by the British Allergy Foundation and is a Loved By Parents award winner. Surcare's range of non-biological laundry and washing up products are specifically designed to be kinder to sensitive skin and don't contain any unnecessary ingredients which could irritate your skin - no enzymes, dyes, acids or perfumes.

Dr Adam Friedmann, from the Harley Street Dermatology Clinic, advises "During winter, extreme changes in temperature can have unwanted effects on your skin. Going from being outside on a cold winter's day to inside with the heating on can make conditions such as eczema temporarily worse."

"I recommend regularly moisturising throughout the winter months to help retain the skin's moisture, and for those with sensitive skin it is important to avoid irritants such as soap, wipes and fragrances. It is also key to ensure your laundry detergent is geared towards sensitive skin to avoid further irritation."

"As our immune system is under a lot of pressure fighting off more winter bugs - I always recommend making an extra effort to get plenty of sleep and have time to de-stress in order to keep your skin in tip top condition. It is a known fact that stress and exhaustion lower the immune system and result in skin breakouts."

Surcare's range is kinder to sensitive skin

Surcare's range is kinder to sensitive skin

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