Do you have extensions and lie about it?

Do you have extensions and lie about it?

Faking it in the hair department is a whole lot easier to do these days, and whole lot easier to disguise too, over a third of women regularly wear hair extensions and almost 90% of them keep it a secret, according to new research.

The poll found that 38% of women use hair extensions as part of their beauty routine, and 87% of them are keeping it a secret from their friends and family.

One woman who participated in the survey said: “It’s not that I keep my extensions a secret, but they’re just so good nowadays that no one can tell it’s not my own hair.

“It used to be a beauty product that only celebrities had, but now it is much more accessible to everyday people and there really does seem to be something out there for everyone.”

The women revealed that they use extensions to give themselves a new look, whilst 76% favour them to add volume and body to their existing hair.

 Another respondent added: “Extra hair is just something I can’t live without. Extensions add extra glamour to my everyday life, and I factor this cost into my monthly expenses.

“I do keep the fact that I have a hairpiece a secret because I want to appear effortlessly gorgeous. Even my partner doesn’t know that I have a weave.”

“They last for a while and you can even put them in at home by yourself. That’s one of the main reasons I was originally drawn to using hair extensions.”

Two thirds of women added that they wouldn’t be able to tell if one of their friends was wearing extensions, even if they wore them themselves.  

More than a quarter, 27%, of women also added that they had been encouraged to buy hair extensions because of shows such as ‘The Only Way is Essex’.

 A spokeswoman for, who conducted the poll, said: “The hairpiece industry is booming and has become increasingly popular in recent years.

“Women are under pressure to look naturally glamorous 24/7 and hair extensions are just another way they can look like their favourite celebrities.

“Hair extensions are popular among all age groups, not just those in their 20’s. Many women’s hair begins to thin at 35, but they still want the hair they had when they were 20. Using hair extensions means they can achieve this really quickly and without a lot of effort.”

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