Diane von Furtstenberg

Diane von Furtstenberg

Diane von Furtstenberg believes her greatest achievement is giving women confidence.

The word 'accomplished' makes you think with a full stop. I hope I am accomplishing!

The 64-year-old designer - who is most famous for the wrap dress she designed in the 1970s, which enjoyed a revival over two decades later - is proud that people enjoy wearing her creations because they make them feel good about themselves, though she hopes she still has things to achieve.

She said: "I am against anything that objectifies women,

"My greatest achievement is that I have given confidence to women with my clothes.

"The word 'accomplished' makes you think with a full stop. I hope I am accomplishing!"

Diane believes that female designers make more appealing outfits because they are practical fashions, whereas she thinks her male counterparts prefer "costumes".

She said: "Women design clothes for women to wear. Men design costumes."

Diane admitted she felt "humiliated" when she was learned pregnant after getting engaged to Prince Egon of Furstenberg but was determined to forge a career and insisted on learning the basics of fashion before marrying at 23.

She told the Guardian newspaper: "I was working in a clothing factory in Italy when I discovered I was pregnant. I was humiliated, worried people would think I'd done it to get the 'best catch in Europe'. So I said to my boss: 'I'm getting married and moving to America, but before I go, can I learn how to make clothes?' And I stayed after work with the patternmaker, and that's how I got into fashion."

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