Topshop has mounted a strong defence of Kate Moss after she was criticised by designer Jeff Banks.

Fashion designer Banks has questioned Kate’s creative ability on her collection which launches on May 1st.

He said;" Can Kate sharpen a pencil or draw a matchstick man? I couldn't put money on it. "

"I'll bet [Kate Moss] just grabbed one of her many Prada bags, rifled through her wardrobe ... and turned up at Topshop's head office in Oxford Street for a quick hour's briefing with the in-house designers and buying staff."

The Independent reported that a Topshop spokeswoman said:" Kate Moss has had a huge input in the range from every level, from the design concept of the garments to the fitting and the logo."

"The fashion industry may be a different place to one Jeff Banks is used to. Top designers like John Galliano don't cut patterns, they have pattern cutters. That's the industry."

Patricia Johnson

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