Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams

She explained: I always use a little bit of duct tape

Rachel McAdams hates tight trousers.

The 'Time Traveler's Wife' star has learned from experience and advises women to steer clear of bottom-hugging trousers when they want to look their best.

She explained: "Don't wear tight pants. I try to follow that for the most part!"

Meanwhile, the 30-year-old beauty says she reinforces her slinky red carpet gowns with adhesives to avoid showing too much flesh.

She explained: "I always use a little bit of duct tape."

In her first major Hollywood role, 'The Notebook', Rachel played a teenage beauty growing up and falling in love in the 40s and 50s.

Consequentially, the brunette beauty says her favourite clothing styles comes from the "glamorous" 50s era.

She explained to America's OK! magazine: "The fashion was incredible and so glamorous. The dancing and social events would be fun, and there was a little more formality. I love that."

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