Cheryl Cole plays huge influence on Geordie girls' style

Cheryl Cole plays huge influence on Geordie girls' style

Celebrities have quite the influence over our fashion choices it would seem, with new research suggesting that we spend £2.4 billion trying to emulate their style. 

The study into fashion inspiration found that a third of women look to celebrities and gossip magazines when making decisions about clothes purchases, things like crop tops worn by the Little Mix girls or peplum dresses favoured by... everyone really. 

By comparison, just a quarter who turn to their friends for style advice and only one in five think mum knows best when it comes to fashion, according to the research by

With 17 per cent of women claiming they regularly buy clothes on a whim that they never end up wearing, it’s easy to see the impact that Britain’s celeb obsession is having on women’s bank balances as well as body image.

With celebrities like Katie Price and Helen Flanagan frequently appearing in celeb news headlines a shocking one in seven young girls aged 18-24  believe a push up bra is the ultimate way to star style and body-confidence. With four out of five 18-24 year olds voting Holly Willoughby as their biggest celebrity style icon, it’s not hard to understand why body shape and weight sit top of the list of areas of concern for young women.

Unsurprisingly, Girls Aloud’s Cheryl Cole was crowned the top style inspiration for Geordie lasses, whilst over 55’s chose to follow the demure style of Royal bride Kate Middleton.

Helen Evans, Site Editor at says: “Following celebrity fashion trends can be a costly pastime, and with fashion continually changing, getting value for money can sometimes be difficult. Next time you’re toying with buying that pair of sky-high heels you saw Rihanna wearing make sure you check online to see if you can find a deal that makes them cheaper. Fashion retailers regularly offer great codes and savings both online and in-store so you can get that celebrity look without having to fork out a fortune or feel guilty seeing it hang, unworn in your wardrobe”.

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