Hello my fab ladies,

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

I have been asked how we can create Kim Kardashian's waved hair.

This hairstyle is going to be massive this season and can be created with straighteners/wand and texturizing salt spray by macadamia - retailing at just £19.95.

It's perfect for texturing those beachy waves without drying out your hair! This little genius in a bottle helps strengthen your hair and protects you against damage.

As a hairdresser, this is music to my ears and it is lovely to watch the hair be sculpted rather than dried out. It also provides beach inspired volume and body!

texturizing salt spray by macadamia

For best results, lightly spritz over sections before waving. When complete, spritz all over hair again, this time, scrunching hair as you spritz.

As beached hair is quite messy this will help you create this look! If you have a diffuser attach that to your hairdryer and after spritzing hair dry using diffuser and this will also create tousled perfect beach waves

Ladies if you struggle please drop me an email and I will post a tutorial. As we need this look perfect for the summer!

Any questions email me [email protected]

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