Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson is revamping her wardrobe to match her new pixie crop.

The 'Dream Girls' actress has yet to find her "short hair swag" since cutting off her locks and has been browsing online retailers to find a personal style that matches her fierce new look.

She admitted to PEOPLE magazine: "I'm busy swiping out my entire wardrobe now. The hair change is almost as drastic as my weight loss! It feels the exact same way. Shorter hair makes me look taller, so I'm still trying to figure that out.

"I was just on Shopbop last night, and I want clothes that will elongate my body. If you are gonna wear a different style, you have to wear it, you can't let it wear you."

Jennifer has been the face of Weight Watchers diet club for three years and says she doesn't believe in depriving herself of anything and allows herself the occasional cheat day.

She confessed: "I cheated my life away over the holidays. I fixed my son brownies and chocolate chip cookies everyday of the holiday season, and mommy had some too.

"Several times I went over my points, and it's good to allow yourself that. If you don't give that, that's when you rebel."

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