Follow these tips to make sure you're not caught out this summer

Follow these tips to make sure you're not caught out this summer

Festivals are a great way to enoy the summer with your friends and the music you love. 

But, a lot of festival goers have a tendency to think 'anything goes' though, so don't let the relaxed atmosphere go to your head too much. 

TV presenter and journalist Billie JD Porter teams up with Salcura to offer advice on how to have fun and still stay safe at a festival this year: 

DO: Always tell your friends where you are and what you're doing. There is nothing worse than spending the entire night trying to find a friend who has been seduced by the roaring camp fires and romantic ambience of a festival. 

DON'T: Get done for indecent exposure. Though the term 'get a room' can't be applied, if you're going to have some frisky al fresco fun, at least keep it behind the canvas. There is nothing worse than having to top toe over two tonguing festival casualties who couldn't be bothered to stagger back to their tent before becoming more well acquainted. 

BE SAFE: If you do meet someone and you decide to take it further, remember to use condoms. Not only will they protect you against a weekend of misery and panic but a whole range of sexually transmitted diseases which can't so easily be left behind at the festival. 

DO: Be careful what you eat. You don't want to ruin the entire weekend by getting food poisoning from a 3am purchase of weird noodles. 

DO: Take a hat; it will not only protect you from the sun, but it hides your hair when it's day three and your dry shampoo is no longer helping matters. 

DO: Stick to the plans you've made with friends. Mobile phone networks tend to play up at festivals so make sure you're where you're supposed to be at the right time.

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