Get to the sales early to ensure a bargain

Get to the sales early to ensure a bargain

1. Get there early
If there is something that you have been lusting after for months, you need to get to the shops early if you want to ensure you get it. Also if you are a size 10, depending on the shop, you will need to hit the sales pronto, as this size is sure to sell out quickly.

2. Do your homework
Make sure you know shop opening times and the days in which the sale starts; this will put you ahead of others and give you more of a chance to get those bargains.

3. Make a list
Write a list of the things that you want and need, so when it comes to the shopping bit you’re not tempted to buy things that you don’t need and will never wear.

4. The web is an option
The Internet is a great choice if you can’t hack the sale shoppers or the busy shopping centres. Again get on your desired website early to make sure you get the item you want.
5. Don’t hang back
If you wait around for that item too long, it’ll be gone.

Best sales out there
Typically Accessorize sales are great, as they offer heavily discounted products. Starting at 50% off and ending the sale at 75%, it is the best place to get expensive jewellery at a fraction of the price.

Also Next are well-known for their sales, shops open from 5am and slash their prices to half price.

Emma Gordon

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