Family is a main priority for women

Family is a main priority for women

Women are reverting back to priorities of previous generations and putting family life first, according to a new report. 

Onken’s Real Report, which looks at the emotional intelligence of the modern woman and her attitude towards business, fashion, media, food and family; found that over half of women surveyed cited having a family as one of the greatest priorities in life with good health topping the poll with 79 per cent of the votes. 

But Cherie Blair needn’t worry, Desperate Housewives they are not as financial wealth and appearance come bottom of the agenda with 13 per cent and 5 per cent of the votes.

Gone are the days of ‘having it all’ and even ‘wanting it all’ as women ditch the ideals and typecasts that saturate their everyday lives and focus on what makes them happy – family and good health.

Real, honest and accessible role models are who women admire most today, such as Kate Middleton and Jessica Ennis, whilst reality TV ‘stars’ such as Kim Kardashian and Sam Fairs received little or no recognition.

BBC Presenter Cherry Healey comments: “I’m really encouraged by Onken’s Real Report to hear that women are looking up to strong, real role models. My personal favourite is Karen Brady - multiple businesses and a successful television career yet puts her family and relationship first - a real inspiration. I know from talking to many women through my job that, whilst it's fun to fantasise sometimes, we're aware of what is really going to make us happy”.

Women today are feeling less pressure to conform and instead are taking control of their choices. Size Zero and Fad Diets are out, fuller flavour, taste and enjoyment is in.Onken’s Real Report shows when stocking up the fridge, two factors come into play; taste and cost, whereas low-fat isn't as high on the agenda with only 16 per cent of votes.

And it’s not just unattainable body stereotypes women are eschewing, but unrealistic images too.

Fed up of ‘flawless’ celebs in magazines, Onken’s Real Report highlights a staggering three-quarters of women want brands to ban airbrushing all together.

Life coach and current Psychologist for This Morning, Anjula Mutanda, comments:  “The modern women is ditching the gloss over substance approach and changing her psychological mind-set by creating her own agenda of what matters. Instead of looking at herself thought the lens of culture and society that may dictate to her who she should be: she is turning the tables and using her emotional intelligence to take control. Women are now speaking up about how they wish to be represented and reflected in society”.

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