Lydia Bright takes up the challenge

Lydia Bright takes up the challenge

Lydia Bright is one of the star's of the ITV hit programme The Only Way is Essex, but now she's swapping TV cameras for sharks, spiders and snakes.

The blonde beauty is the face of the new campaign for Lipton Ice Tea which is all about encouraging the nation to do things that they're scared of or would never usually consider doing.

She says: "I'm going to be trying these things that I would never normally do. Swimming with sharks, handling dangerous animals and eating raw foods and it's trying to get people more aware of trying new things."

Considering that the 24-year-old has a fear of sharks it's astounding that she has taken part - especially when she isn't going to be surrounded by a cage and will be freely swimming with them.

The campaign also takes to Facebook where you can enter the competition and try to win an experience worth up to £5000 - something that you wouldn't normally try.

Lydia says that she is going to be nominating all her friends and family: "The can all do it, then they can all hate me. I want a few of them to do the sharks, then they'll know how it feels to be petrified."

Lydia admits that they're looking to get new characters for the next season of TOWIE which is due to hit our screens in September. She says: "I think they're going to be getting more characters but they'll kind of branch off of us, people who are related to us, friends that we've already got."

As well as the BAFTA winning programme, Lydia will stepping her Christian Louboutin clad foot into the fashion world, with the hopes of getting out a fashion range 'some time soon'. Not content with this either she wants to take her hobby of writing and turn into another career path, with the hopes of a children's book too.

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