Hollywood beauty MINNIE DRIVER has attacked supermodels who once campaigned against the fur trade but now appear on the catwalk wearing fur.

THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA actress is a committed vegetarian and would never wear fur, and the hypocritical nature of other supposedly committed celebrities angers her.

Driver, 33, says, "What really gets me are all these supermodels who said they'd never wear fur and then did. To me, that's so incredibly shallow and there's just no excuse. You just think, 'How could they?'"

She also slams fashion designer STELLA McCARTNEY, who claims to be anti-fur and ant-leather, but was recently spotted wearing leather boots.

She adds, "It's difficult to know where to stand on the leather debate but I was surprised by Stella McCartney. It's hard to say that it's not hypocritical.

"I'll never wear fur. That's all I can say. It's like being a vegetarian. It's a life choice."

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