Save money next time you head out to the shops

Save money next time you head out to the shops

We're all doing what we can to save a little money these days and cutting coupons is now becoming a favourite activity for us all - well the digital alternative anyway. 

An online YouGov survey, commissioned by reveals that women aged between 25-34, and those living in Wales, are making the biggest savings, using coupons, discount and voucher codes. 

It revealed that an average saving of £300 a year is being made by those savvy enough to look through the internet for special offers. 

Kenny DeAngelis, founder of says: "The children of the early eighties remember queuing up at the supermarket with their parents, armed with coupons cut out from magazines and the back of packets to save on the weekly shop. Those 25-34 year olds are now leading a new wave of money saving in Britain. It's cool to coupon and these canny shoppers have no hesitation in cashing in vouchers or using coupon codes to bag a bargain."

Next time you go shopping, remember to be armed with the latest special offers, codes and discounts. 


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