Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch kiss on their wedding day

Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch kiss on their wedding day

Already this year we've had the weddings of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - otherwise known as Catherine Middleton and Prince William - Kate Moss and Jamie Hince, Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch and we're due another Royal one with Zara Phillips.

Although your friends' may not be as lavish as these, it doesn't mean in any way that you can skimp on the gift.

Nobody wants to be the boring guest who gave gift vouchers for Next or John Lewis, we all know it's a failsafe option and one that I recommend you avoid.

Here, I compile a list of new, fun and quirky items that the blissfully wedded couple will use, may laugh at and wouldn't have usually bought for themselves.

Mr & Mrs Slippers

They're bound to get at least one gift with the monogram of Mr and Mrs, so why can't it be from you? These slippers are the perfect cheap gift if you're on a tight budget, plus they'll most likely be used by them both everyday.

Slippers £12.99 from Argos.

Personalised doormat

What better way to show to the neighbours and any vistors that they're married than a personalised doormat?

This fun and creative gift will provide a smile - but don't get offended if they use it for the back door, where less people are likely to see it.

Personalised doormat £29.99 from

Tea light

This is the perfect gift for any of your eco-friendly pals. It will be a welcome edition to any garden, especially in the summer nights.

Simply turn the light upside-down to face the solar panel upwards during the day then flip it over in the evening to creat a realistic flickering candle effect. The weather-proof tealight is perfectly safe and requires no batteries and fully charged it provides a small light for four hours each night.

Solar Powered Flickering Tealight £9.99 from

Bride service

This would be a lovely surprise for the married couple, as they've likely forgotten that they need a way of getting to the airport for their highly anticipated honeymoon.

With the pressure mounting and all of the last minute details as their weding day draws nearer you can help provide some instant relief by booking a meet and greet service that will wisk them away to the airport.

The new specialist seasonal service will pick them up and take them to a terminal at a number of major airports throughout the UK.

Go that extra mile and supply them with a bottle of champagne so they can toast their new life together in style.

Bride service availble from Meteors -

Home decoration

This is the sort of gift for your closest friends or family, something that you know that they'll really appreciate and use.

If they're fans of the Big Apple then this is the gift for them, as it manages to bring a slice of the city into their home.

These murals would look stunning on a feature wall in a living room, bedroom or office. There are 18 different New York-inspired designs to choose, from chic city lights to bold graffiti slogans, so no matter what their interior décor style you are bound to find one that will suit them.

Wallpaper Mural standard size £99

Home extras

Any of these designs are the perfect gift for a music-loving pair and provide a great topic of conversation with any visitors.

The contemporary typographic prints come in three different prints. One from Jimi Hendrix, which says: "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."

Another from Dolly Parton: "If you want the rainbow, you've got to put up with the rain."

And the final from The Beatles: "All you need is love."

Each of the hand-pulled silkscreens are priced at £29. Available to buy from

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